英美文学专业留学生essay范文:麦田守望者中象征表征的分析-Analysis of The Catcher in the Rye in symbolism

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英美文学专业留学生essay范文:麦田守望者中象征表征的分析-Analysis of The Catcher in the Rye in symbolism

Abstract: << Catcher in the Rye >> American writer JD Salinger's masterpiece novel extensive use of symbolism, is intended to reflect the World War II confusing contradictions of American youth's outlook on life and morality, reveal the American young people the inner world of loneliness and helplessness, pain paper Symbolist imagery fiction tentative analysis, analysis Symbolism Symbolism in the use of the American writer JD Salinger's masterpiece Catcher in the Rye << >> to contrast fiction theme and shape the character of the role.

Paper Keywords: << Catcher In The Rye >> Symbolism, Imagery  论文关键词:<<麦田里的守望者>>象征,意象
I. Introduction  引言
<< Catcher in the Rye >> for famous American writer Jerome David Salinger's masterpiece, the pinnacle of his writing Career. Immediately after the publication of the novel, causing a favorite of American teenagers, they think he Road out of the voices of the people little boy with a cap, a foul-mouthed, but feel good attracted Salinger became the spokesman for the U.S. postwar generation, he first appeared in Contemporary American Literature anti-hero image, but also one of the representatives of the first "Beat Generation" in a variety of literary criticism, Holden is often seen as a synonym for "Angry Young Men" In fact, in Salinger's pen , Holden a sensitive fragile heart, his exclusion vulgar, hypocritical morals, but the reality is like larger flies leg hair, so he had to adapt to him both hated growing up, but the reality powerless .

Although << Catcher in the Rye >>'s inception much youth sought after, but the postwar of American society Quedui << Catcher in the Rye by the >> mixed. << New York Times >> praise the "extraordinary brilliant debut, while criticism is the book full of a lot of moral turpitude, sexual description, and excessive use of vulgar language, however, time is the best touchstone Today, "The Catcher in the Rye >> has become a classic of contemporary American literature. psychological aspects of the literary use of language from the novel, Holden contradictions and anxious from linguistics, narratology, cultural studies, psychology and other aspects to be analyzed and elaborated for later research Salinger novel offers a fresh nutrients author believes deeply influential novel in American literary >> << Catcher in the Rye, and their writing skills can not be ignored on the one hand and the novel use of a large number of the symbolism, this article attempts to start from the symbolism, >> << Catcher in the Rye by symbolism and imagery analysis, to enable readers to learn more about the theme of the novel, and close to the soul of the crumbling cliff edge.#p#分页标题#e#
2.The Symbolism Theme Contrast  象征主题的对比
(The Adult World Of Complaint
After World War II, the united states has been a serious trauma, destructive and lethal war far beyond the people's resilience, the growing fear of the people. Teenagers could not escape the pain brought by this era, the formation of the "Beat Generation" However, they did not really "Beat", but its mission to recast the society and culture of the United States, denounced the hypocrisy and immoral world.
>> << The Catcher in the Rye, American literature always idealized the childhood, childhood is always happy naive. The Salinger of this work, so that the "growth" infected with a layer of tragedy 'color. Holden was born in a wealthy family, but he did not consider the future, such as the broad road is flat, but strongly feel incomplete. scoff at the hypocrisy of the adult world, he is lonely, anxious, he is out of tune with the surrounding environment. World War II spirit of the repressed youth spokesperson. would appear his mouth "clean", in fact, is in the use of indecent words reviled by the adult world.
In this work, Hollinger cleverly constructed a field of wheat and steep cliffs, Holden dreams of becoming a protect other children so as not to fall into the cliff Catcher in the Rye, has a profound meaning.
In fact, << Catcher in the Rye >> novel title itself is a symbol of it first appeared in Chapter 16, when a child on the road Life on a String << if you encountered in a cornfield I> > Holden envy.
Chapter 22 Holden when sister Phoebe asked his most favorite thing to do, he once again reminded of a poem written by Robert Burns << I >> If you encountered in a cornfield. "Anyway, my teacher imagine that a group of children to play games on a large piece of Catcher in thousands, tens of thousands of children, no one - not an adult, I said that - in addition to my 16-year-old Holden exclusion of the adult world, his dream is to want to do the Catcher in the Rye, children will not fall into the cliff guard playing in a cornfield. thus, the wheat fields of the symbolism is obvious. Catcher is a symbol of childhood, the child have fun in park, on behalf of the child's world of pure innocence of children playing in a cornfield, easily high wheat blocking the line of sight can not see the edge, lost in a cornfield direction. Holden that children are innocence , the adult world is full of hypocrisy and cunning. His dream was to become the innocent "Catcher in the Rye, children close to the edge of the cliff, they pull back, the protection that they do not slip fallen off a cliff.
(Two Pairs Of Childhood Innocence Yearning
Holden deviant, but in fact the heart is full of sadness and longing for childhood. Seen through the hypocrisy of the adult world, the more resentment, the more they want to flee more on pure desire that no doubt from the novel symbolic image to reflect.#p#分页标题#e#
Same or Chapter 22 of the novel, Holden wants to be The Catcher in the Rye, "it stood some crazy cliff edge I do that and then there watchman Which child ran to the edge of the cliff to, I put it to catch ...... "cliff novel also been given a symbolic meaning. the cliff side Catcher representatives innocence world, while the other end is like Holden hearts adult world as unfathomable full of the terror atmosphere. Holden afraid of those innocent children when he fell the bottom of the cliff, the biggest wish is be Shouwangmaitian person, to prevent children fall into the world of falsehood adults.
3, The Role Of Symbolism Characterization  象征表征的作用
Heighten The Role Of Symbolism Not Only Play A Novel Theme, Also Played An Important Role In The Characterization.
In the novel, Salinger ingenuity wheat fields, cliffs, red hunters cap gives new meaning to dissect the protagonist Holden abhor hypocrisy, the pursuit of innocence to the United States after World War II the younger generation eventually succumb to the social reality of the psychological process reveals The inner world of loneliness and helplessness, pain.
(A Red Hunting Cap
In fact, Holden's name is largely associated with the "hat" - in English "Holden" is the past participle of "Hold" This means that Holden want clasped past, that is, the innocence of his youth on the one hand, Holden admitted wearing a red hat "is very vulgar, but he still love it and think it" so wearing looks very beautiful ", he disdains traditional aesthetic to avoid the phony adult world, which is enough to see Holden's rebellious character from time to time he To cap go to the back of the head, the children like the pure desire to temporarily hide in efforts away from the adult dirty the world, and even become a competent "Catcher in the Rye" On the other hand, the reality is cruel, the face of increasingly muddy the adult world, Holden invariably feel lonely, anxious, suffering despite efforts do not want to become "impure "adult, he can not do it slid to the edge of the cliff", all painful to accept they have become adults in the fact that Holden Only by facing the facts, craving recognition of others, so he sometimes choose to cap Monochoria Go to the front. "the end of the novel, Holden watching his sister Phoebe to play wearing a top hunter cap carousel, at a time when he puts the hat Go to previous experience coupled with sister changes he realized: irreversible reality, each person had to grow up, unable to grasp the past is unrealistic, only the courage to face the reality, let go of the past, in order to better face the future.
(B Phone 
Tel extremely ordinary things in life, even in World War II, the United States, telephone Holden was born in a wealthy middle-class family, is not something rare. But Salinger skilled, he was given a mystery, "telephone" has a certain symbolic significance.#p#分页标题#e#
novel "telephone frequently. Holden often want to be able to make a phone call to a certain person, but every time he picks up the phone, think of every one of his play can not call people, only disappointment phone the tools people use to connect, communicate feelings, the telephone, the feelings of the people have been maintained. novel, however, the phone symbolizes Holden loneliness and in accordance with, his strong desire to the wish always talk with others can not be achieved, he can escape full of hypocrisy, dark school, but can not escape the loneliness phone portrayed Holden lonely drew a splendid novel phone phone in real life formed a strong contrast, Salinger phone to contrasting, our readers feel a pain, lonely heart.
(Three Fish And Ducks 
The postwar outlook on life and morality to subvert the past, money has become the standard measure of all everything, people become mercenary, all of these such as Leng, covering the entire society, people are faced with this harsh reality, can not escape to avoid the onset of winter in general, but to accept, like never change to conform to the fallen society, become apathetic. they like the fish in the center of the park, even if the weather is cold again have to stay in the traditionally cold under because they not open to the survival of the pond. they have the ability to adapt to bad weather, because it is their destiny, open postwar Adult that, they also have the ability to adapt to a changed world, because this is their fate shows , the novel fish symbol of postwar insensitive Americans.
Center Park the fish to survive in a traditionally cold of winter, and can find food with fish, duck is very sensitive to the surrounding environment, they can not stand the cold winter climate. Holden often worry about these ducks can not spend the cold winter. Holden situations much like the ducks, he lives in a country full of intrigues, selfish world, and he is someone that is not normal, does not seem likely to let him adapt. Holden will of his own destiny is extremely worrying. obvious, duck symbolizes novel the fragile inner.
(D Symbolic Color: Red 
Red is the highest frequency color appears in the novel, many things related to Holden Salinger "stained" became red - his most favorite red hunters cap, beloved brother Airy and sister Phoebe red hair, simple red and white sweater.
Color is with other things contact of an important signal. Kivu calabash just say a symbol is "all of the sound, all colors, all forms of, or because of their inherent strength due to far-reaching stream long the association will evoke some difficult language instructions has the advantage of very precise feelings. Seen in this light, Salinger novel frequent use of red color, not an accidental red in color science are warm, it will give the retina strongly stimulated and people a direct psychological impact, so you think of rebellion, passion and danger it symbolizes the fierce emotions, constantly striving for and a strong desire these qualities in Holden's body to fully reflected, his pursuit of truth, love and freedom in his heart of hearts, Airy smart endearing, on behalf of the truth, justice and morality, Phoebe pure understanding, on behalf of childhood innocence and purity, but also his lost childhood witness the same time their hair is red, which are also a wonderful symbol of red catches the attention Holden always loved wearing a red hunters cap is nothing more than to arouse the attention of others, even fallen into the adult world, he or imagine children, able to get the attention and concern of others. Jane is another important figure in the novel, although she was not pretty enough, but she represents the image of Holden hearts woman in his heart, still vaguely remember Jane ago through the red and white sweater., red is a symbol of passion and vitality. Salinger's pen, Jane is a pure, energetic girl, Holden represents a simple deep love he the pursuit of vitality.#p#分页标题#e#
IV Conclusion  结论
Catcher not only exist in the children's world, we adults why not desire a pure wheat? Salinger's pen, various symbolic images, like life in general, to a juvenile innocence broken, expressing the desire on the wheat field. Salinger It is Holden's blood carved out a beautiful dream.
The purpose of these images is to tapped deeper meaning hidden in the the novel visible things behind, namely the use of the secret and philosophy of mind association and correlation between image and meaning to show things behind them like a mirror reflecting hidden in the invisible man in the mirror after the material things, living a verge of children and adults, purity and decadence, yearning for freedom, the pursuit of truth adolescent image before readers, so we grow in this struggling with panic pain boy has the slightest mercy.

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