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代写essay范文:The way thrillers are told

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American thrillers from the era of silent films to the present can be described as thick and impetuous. In German expressionism philosophy, the resistance to authority consciousness, the confusion of free consciousness and the expression of distorted and absurd artistic images all have an enlightenment influence on the development of American horror films. From early 20 s and s "vampire" classic series to horror movie master Hitchcock's "psychological terror" of the real scenario, Hollywood thriller movie image depicts the "nightmare" in human cultural experience, fact is, these particular terrorist elements in different periods of American culture and artistic quality projection the psychological crisis. However, since the late 1980s, with the change of social psychology and the enrichment of film types, American Hollywood horror films, which rely too much on special effects technology and bloody violence, have gradually declined. Represented by James temperature of contemporary Hollywood horror film director tried to the context of postmodern culture will be the integration of eastern and western horror elements, to distinguish it from the past traditional horror movie narrative ideas explored a road to the transformation of the new American horror movies.
The narrative context here not only refers to the deep structural context within the film text, but also refers to the external social and cultural context in which the film narrative is produced and developed. American thriller master Hitchcock has made great achievements in Hollywood film history, on the one hand, he has created the pioneer of psychological horror film. With the real life scene as the narrative background, the "psychological fear in the real scene" is emphasized. On the other hand, he artistically expressed the anxiety of the American social group at that time, further explaining to people that fear comes from the distortion of human nature in the real world. Obviously, James wen inherited master of Hitchcock's narrative, at the same time into the Oriental culture elements of modernism, created the typification narrative context set up the unique personal style. First, the untypical structural context. Different from the traditional American horror film, zhan horror film has a strong stream of consciousness in the narrative context. The director is good at replacing linear conflict structure with block splicing structure. Different from vivid plot complex pay attention to the traditional American sound film, James temperature plot is very simple, not too fancy emotional elements. The setting of the scene also strives to be close to the reality of life and completely close to the narration of nature. In terms of shooting techniques, wide Angle shooting techniques commonly used in documentaries are also adopted, and each life-changing scene is recorded in panoramic view. However, James creates a kind of suffocating anxiety and depression based on the naturalization of the narrative context. This kind of repression and anxiety originates from the strong sense of reality on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is an artistic symbol of the contradiction between the reality of American society. Its representative work, 'Insidious', was translated into Chinese as' Insidious', and the director's intention was to refer to plots that were surging in the dark. Also, the whole film is always in a quiet and depressing reality. The director deliberately played down the background sound effects, even on the necessary soundtrack, using short, mixed sound effects. The film itself is a story of the old house is haunted, seemingly mundane, clue is more onefold, but regional director layer type narrative like the movie at the end of the corridor of the old wooden door have opened up a whole new world of terror. The setting of the whole movie is pure life, and the furnishings in the room are basically unchanged. Director within the narrow space with a wide Angle lens to increase the panoramic image space, the lens as to in front of the house corner, let it with room to move, so that the audience can see another house, see a protagonist is through the door. The lamp that the first half of the film falls to the ground, sofa in the corner, the sitting room that puts piano, male and female lead a comfortable life, quiet without any background music expression. All seemed to flow in the dark with an evil force. With a calm and objective narrative perspective, the director tries to convey the message to the audience that the fear itself is hidden in the details of life, the plain truth and the true horror. It is because this is home, a familiar safe environment for the audience, and once this safe distance is violated, the fear generated by the audience is irresistible pain. Under this extreme repression of bedding, the rhythm of the later half of the film is compact, the flares in the plot of the progressive fear in the heat of a standoff with the human spirit released perfectly. Not to speak of a hearty dripping. Secondly, director James likes to place the narrative background in a completely closed space. This fear of the unknown and the sense of constraint in a limited space are the dark tone of his thriller films. This sense of bondage is also reflected in the setting of the role, the child's mother is a free creator, and the basic living space is also in this house. Therefore, this strong sense of bondage, which is hard to break free, is also the manifestation of the collective anxiety that the contemporary American youth's self-ideology deviates from the conflict of social rules.(责任编辑:quanlei_cai)

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