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1.Setting a Context for the Topic Chosen
You must provide an insight into the context underpinning the topic – eg. you may need to give a review of what is currently happening within a specific organisation or particular business sector and to review some key themes relating to the international strategic problems you are investigating in the organisation or sector. Setting an appropriate context will help the reader to appreciate why you have chosen the topic and illustrate why the topic is significant.

2.Undertaking a Literature Review
      You must do a comprehensive review of the published work from secondary sources which is of specific interest to the central themes of the investigation you are undertaking. The secondary sources may be chap
ters of a book, papers in academic journals, professional body publications, newspaper reports, management consultancy reports etc. You must identify the leading authors and practitioners in the topic you are investigating and reflect upon the implications of their contribution to the central themes of your topic area. The literature review will help you to identify significant concepts, ideas and perspectives affecting the key themes of the topic under consideration. In your dissertation you must state clearly the aims and objectives of the review and you must provide a logical presentation of the research work done thus far in the topic area you are investigating. You are expected to include in your literature review a review of key Strategic management models ( ie competitive models by Porter, Barney and non competitive models by W.Kim and Mauborgne )  to provide a strategic foundation to your research .

3.Stating clearly the dissertation Research Question and  Objectives.
You must provide a coherent statement of what you hope to achieve by undertaking your investigations. That is you must state clearly your research question and objectives. The stated objectives will help the reader to appreciate the scope of the work undertaken. A specific research question or questions needs also to be stated and this would often be supported by specific research hypotheses.

4. Developing valid Methodologies to underpin your investigations
You must provide a brief discussion of  philosophy of your research design to include ontological and epistemological assumptions underpinning your research
      You must provide substantive evidence of why you have used particular research methods and techniques to take your investigations forward. You need to explain why such techniques and methods are appropriate and indicate that you are aware of the scope and limitations of the methods adopted. You must discuss the theories, concepts and models you have found useful in your investigations. The rationale for using the theories, concepts etc. must be made clear and you must acknowledge the specific ways in which the theories and concepts have been applied. In summary the Methodology chapter/s of the dissertation is concerned both with the research methods you have used [ eg. personal interviews, focus groups, quantitative methods etc.] and the theories and concepts that you have found appropriate in investigating your topic area.(责任编辑:charlie)

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