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The research report material revolves over the concept of understanding the key aspects of consumer buying patterns, to be able to analyze, distinguish and evaluate the constantly emerging buying needs of consumers relating to the changing trends of the economy for a focused product.
Primary focus of the report is aimed at how Honda Trading Enterprise over the years has built and maintained the relation with its customers, bearing in mind the diverse customer needs and how the different customer buying behaviors have influenced and have had an impact on the sales and services of the company.
Honda Trading Enterprise, established in 1971, is a division of Al Futtaim Group and has sole distribution rights for Honda cars, Motorcycles and Marine and Power Products in the UAE.
The report also focuses on the brand image of HONDA in UAE's automotive market and the issues affecting its brand image.
Moreover, the report gives utmost consideration to, market segmentation, customer needs, emerging trends, competition with rivals, customer delight, and creativity & innovation, and how these have influenced the service or reinstated the approach of the company.
Comprehension of the consumer behavior is a multifaceted procedure. What persuades a consumer to buy any product or service, the internal and external factors that have an impact on the buying decisions of the consumers? The research report analyzes and illustrates how the consumer goes through the following process before purchasing any product and further scrutinizes each:
Need recognition
Information search
Evaluation of different options
Purchasing decision
Post purchase behavior
Perspectives on decision making vary from a focus on habits that people develop over time to unusual and unique scenarios, simultaneously linking a great deal of risk in which consumers must carefully collect, study, evaluate and scrutinize information before making a choice.
There are four typical types of buying behavior based on the type of products that are expected and aimed to be purchased:
Complex buying behavior
Habitual buying behavior
Variety seeking buying behavior
Dissonance reducing buying behavior
Since the focus of the report is based on an automobile industry and the consumer buying behavior, the behavior which is discussed in depth and relates to the product is the Dissonance buying behavior, as buying a car or its products, is an expensive and infrequent purchase.
Dissonance reducing buying behavior is when buyers are highly involved with the purchase of the product, because the purchase is expensive or occasional. There is small difference between existing brands an example would be buying a diamond ring, there is perceived little difference between existing diamond brand manufacturers.
The purchase of car is highly involved process when compared with other retail experiences. In the same way as, Consumer behavior is affected by many uncontrollable factors, such as: friends, upbringing, culture, the media, a role model or influences from certain groups.
Consumers are constantly challenged with the need to make the decisions about products. Some of these decisions are very important and require great effort, whereas others are made on an almost automatic basis.
The purpose of this paper is to present a short overview of the automotive industry today and highlight challenges facing the industry.
To evaluate and correlate the various factors and criteria considered in the present picture of automobile buying behavior. Key areas of concentration include:
Market segmentation
Customer needs
Emerging trends
Compete with rivals
Customer delight
Creativity and Innovation
A car is a complex product with many salient attributes, which consumers may use in product assessment and subsequent brand preference formation to make a choice in their car.
In this research, we are focusing on five criteria which determines customers brand image towards the Honda cars, which are design, quality and reliability of the product, and service based criteria- buying experiences and after-sales service.(责任编辑:cxj)

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