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我们相信,通过选择在这里学习赛德,你表达一个明确的愿望“获得成功的生活”,而这个模块旨在促进这一愿望。该模块的唯一目的是促进yougetting你的事业或在当前组织内的发展机​​遇启动,同时帮助您给自己成功的最好机会。我们相信,这样做意味着帮助你有效地把你独特的教育和生活经验,共同专注于提升你的就业能力 - 的结果是所有三个部分的相互作用:

Welcome to the Employability for Business module. 
We all have our differing reasons as to why on our journey through life we are now currently at University.  Teesside University offers you every opportunity to be part of a vibrant University as you gain your degree and begin to focus on your next steps.
However, by the time you leave you will want to have established a move into the next stage of your life and career path–as you will appreciate these are important decisions that should not be taken lightly.   
Your perception on life we hope has been helped by your time studying at Teesside, and that what you have learned will stand you in good stead through the days ahead and particularly in deciding your career step.
As you will appreciate competition for good career opportunities (either a new job or seeking advancement within your current organisation) is extremely fierce and so to help you in your next steps we have developed this module `Employability for Business’.  
We believe by choosing to study here at Teesside, you are expressing a clear desire to ‘get ahead in life’, and this module is designed to facilitate that desire.  The sole aim of the module is to facilitate yougetting your career started or in developing opportunities within your current organisation, whilst helping you to give yourself the best chance of success.  We believe to do this means helping you to effectively bring together your unique experiences of education and life to focus on enhancing your employability – the outcome is an interaction of all three parts:(责任编辑:cinq)

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