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Literature Review:Observe language’s various characteristics

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Literature Review

Language is a social phenomenon which has a close relationship with the society and its emergence and development are all influenced by the society. Therefore, from the social point of view, we can observe language’s various characteristics because of the different social environment.

Through two months’ efforts in searching, collecting and reading an abundance of scholars and professors’ literature concerning the socio-linguistics in sentence variation, I made a detail analysis of the literature and create the following essay which summons up the essence of the literature.

These reference books are mainly about socio-linguistics and relevant papers. After reading them, firstly I have a further understanding of some main concepts  such as socio-linguistics, language function, functional variation, and the relationship between language and the society. In addition, I have acquired more new perspectives  to analyze the reasons why these functional variations can occur. Secondly, we can observe a lot of achievements and know the main trend in this field. Thirdly, we can see that not so many people are doing research in this field, and they can stimulate the trend of more researches in socio-linguistics.

I. Introduction to Sentence Variation (definition, classification, feature, reason and relevant theory)
General Linguistics by Qin Yunqiang suggests that language, from the moment of birth is doomed to be a kind of social phenomenon. With society's emergence and development, language produces and develops. There are seven chapters in this book, and among them the first chapter and the last one do much help when I am doing my research. The first chapter mainly tells me the general knowledge of linguistics. There are six sections in this chapter. The first section is about linguistics, and the second one talks about the relationship between language and utterance. The third section is the internal structure of language, and the fourth says something about the research of utterance. And the last one talks about how language develops in our daily utterance. Especially, the section which talks about the social functions of language gives a comprehensive explanation of language’s social functions. The author says that language plays a very important role in human life. Language function is the expression of social essence of language. Language is people’s social communication tool. Therefore, in addition to pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, other functions should return to the social function of language. The features of the language are varied, and these functions can be divided into two aspects: social and cultural aspects of the function and mental aspects of the function. There are many functions of language, and many linguists in the history classified them colorfully. The section that explains the differences and similarities of language and utterance enriches my knowledge about them. From the chapter two to six are some basic and traditional research points of linguistics. This book helps me to know language and utterance, and I come to know the difference and relationship between them. (责任编辑:英语论文代写)

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