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literature review范文:Internet marketing communication

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Chapter 2
Literature Review范文

2.1 Introduction

In chapter two, a list of literatures which concerned with aim will be researched. The section will be divided into 5 parts.

First part- Describe the definition of marketing communication then make an explanation that it is Internet and relevant e-platform to support Internet marketing communication carry on successfully.
Second part- Summarized several key characteristics of Internet while Internet been used in marketing communication for the purpose of draw a clarified picture to gain a good comprehension.
Third part- Introduce some tools which based on Internet technology and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of those tools that impact marketing communication while using Internet.
Fourth part- Research the impact of Internet on marketing communication in SMEs & figure out the current position of SMEs in market
Fifth part- State the development of Internet in China & Chinese SMEs with Internet marketing communication.

2.2. Marketing Communication & Internet

As a part of marketing, marketing communication present an important aspect of marketing. However, in the modernization of business, marketing played as a key point role (Pelsmacker, Geuens, Bergh, 2007). In Fill (2002) words that marketing communication can be described as several messages and related media been used to communicate with a market. Ranchhod & Gurau (2007) also agree this point of view their opinion is that marketing communication created a suitable channel to deliver information from enterprise to several customers.

In the age of ‘internet bubble’, various kinds of investment which related to the internet had been increased dramatically (Lagrosen, 2005). However, the ‘bubble’ also brings a great change to marketing communication, especially in follow area: communication, information exchange, potential customers and new market (Fill, 2002; Adcock, 2001). Meanwhile, the ‘bubble’ increased the power of influence of marketing communication (Lagrosen, 2005). There is no clarified definition of Internet marketing communication, however, some expertise point out that It beyond a simple technology which is just sending a message (Smith et la 1999). Marketing communication is an initiation mode of differentiations. The competition of it is try to persuade customers, stakeholders and employees that the market they offered is the best which is available and unvarying(Smith et la 1999).

Marketing communication keep customer in close touch and provide various kind of helpful plan when customers purchasing. Reinforce the organizations image, build up a good communication platform should be practiced in the same time. All of these steps can consolidate the loyalty of the customers which mean that the organisation can be protected from the severe competition. (Smith & Taylor 2002)

In Blythe (2000) words, that marketing communication is not an action of “press the right button”. The reason why is ever customer has his own character they cannot be treat as they were the same. The customer idea or opinion should be transmitted directly through marketing communication. In addition, marketing communication play the important role in customers purchasing that is locating brand properly.(责任编辑:BUG)

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