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文献综述—Literature Reviews
本节涉及一些从文献综述中引出的一些有用信息。基于文献评述上的说法,服务质量被视为一个重要因素,且与零售公司的性能密切相关。根据Vazquez et al.(2001)上所说:“服务质量都被客户认为是一种自己将要得到的服务与预期相比较的结果,和他们对零售企业有关措施的看法。”(Parasuraman et al.,1988; Gronroos, 1994, cited in Vazquez et al. 2001 p.1)。这对如何评估一家零售公司的服务性能有很大的帮助,这对其本身也会带来一些影响。
在零售商店的布置上,服务质量有五个部分,包括:“物理方面、信用度、人际互动、问题的解决和服务政策”( Dabholkar et al. 1995, cited in Lu and Seock 2008 p.4)。此外,也说到零售企业服务质量包括四个因素即“物理方面、信用度、人际互动和服务政策。”(Vazquez et al., 2001 p.5)
自然环境—Physical Environment
自然环境包含了出入口的商店。根据Vazquez et al .(2001)上所说的,自然环境是影响服务质量的一种因素,包括零售商店的内部构造和外观设计,以及简单的购物。在此基础上,可以把零售商店的自然环境看作是两个主要方面:商店的外观和方便购物。根据Vazquezet al(2001)上所说的,自然环境的内容如下:“装饰、装置、设备、干净整洁、产品的设计和服务、宣传单、室内设计、存储部的布局和产品货架位置的摆放”(p.4)。
文献综述—Literature Reviews
This section concerns some available information extracted from Literature Reviews. Based on literature reviews, service quality, is seen as an important factor, and closely related to a retail companies' performance. As Vazquez et al. (2001) put it:"Service quality is perceived by customers as the result of comparing the expectations about the service they are going to receive and their perceptions of the retail company's actions" (Parasuraman et al.,1988; Gronroos, 1994, cited in Vazquez et al. 2001 p.1).
It is of great help to demonstrate how to assess the service performance of a retail company and this carries some implications itself as well.
There are five dimensions of service quality in a retail store setting, including: 'physical aspects, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving and policy' ( Dabholkar et al. 1995, cited in Lu and Seock 2008 p.4). In addition, it was noted that service quality in retail companies includes four factors namely, 'physical aspects, reliability, personal interaction and policies' (Vazquez et al., 2001 p.5).
自然环境—Physical Environment
Physical environment incorporates the inward and outward appearance of the store. According to Vazquez et al. (2001), physical environment as a factor of service quality, involves the inward appearance and design of the retail store, as well as the simplicity of shopping. Based on this, the physical environment of a retail store can be seen as two main aspects, store appearance and ease of shopping. Vazquez et al. (2001), list the area under them as: "decoration, fixtures, equipment, cleanliness, design of product and services publicity leaflets, interior design and store layout of sections and product shelf position" (p.4). According to Lin (2005), people think that in order to dominate the industry, it is necessary to have a vast range of products in order to satisfy and attract different types of consumers. Nearness of products and services to the customer and appropriate location are important in getting the best financial outcome, so the atmosphere within the store can also influence a customer's buying behavior. (Gupta, www.evancarmichael.com ).#p#分页标题#e#
According to Parasuraman et al. (1988), reliability means the ability to offer service precisely as promised. Based on the research, Parasuraman et al. also found out that reliability is the most important factor taken into consideration by customers when they evaluate a retail company's overall service quality. This has been supported by many researches in other studies. Dabholker et al. (1996) indicate that reliability in the eyes of customers is a combination of 'keeping promise and doing it well' (p.7). Moreover, Vazquez et al. (2001 p.5) puts it that keeping promise means that a retail store should keep adequate goods to satisfy customer's needs and assure the quality of the goods as well as offering a flexible return policy and being willing to dealing with any problems from customers. On the other side, in the terms of doing it well, a company is expected to provide customers with fast sales transactions and precise information.
人际互动—Personal Interaction
Customers are not only interested in the product offerings and physical environment, but also in the service provided by staffs. From the minute a customer enters the store, to when the customer leaves, a process occurs in order to make a purchase, any contact with the employees during this process is what is referred to as personal interaction (Vazquez et al, 2001). It is important that the interaction between customers and employees is a very pleasant one, as this may lead to a purchase decision, and ultimately customer retention. It is normal for a customer to seek assistance and advice on a product or service from an available staffs, and making sure that an excellent assistance is provided can improve customer satisfaction, and thereby lead to customer loyalty (Gupta, www.evancarmichael.com ).
Policy refers to the pricing strategies and brand assortment, which are closely related to service quality. Furthermore, when it comes to brand assortment policy, it should be set up carefully and a vast range of popular or famous brands is needed as well. In addition, retail stores should be able to come up with favorably prices (Vazquez et al, 2001). It is believed that customer's repeat purchase intention is greatly influenced by the policy of the retail stores. (Lu and Seock, 2008)
客户满意度—Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the balance between what a customer expects and how a retail company is able to meet this expectation. According to Hill and Alexander (2006), measuring customer satisfaction involves the measure of how an organization's performance compared to what a customer requires. Marketing researchers and managers have realized how important customer satisfaction is. According to Heller (2006), "Customer strategy is the only strategy. Product and producer-driven strategies are dead - though they haven't altogether died." Similarly, customer satisfaction is the key of a company's existence, which should be considered as a long-term strategy. (Cochran, 2003) According to Denove and Power (2006), "The lack of attention to customer satisfaction costs companies money because there is an intractable connection to high level of customer satisfaction and increased share holder value" (p.1&2).#p#分页标题#e#
It is believed that maintaining the current customers costs less than attracting new customers, in the light of this, it is wise for companies to pay close attention to retaining their current customers. Dealing with existing customers is regarded to be more effective compared with looking for new customers. (Bolton, 2000) Compared with market share, scale and cost, customer retention seems to be a better element to explain profits. (Sirohi et al, 1998) In general,"the customers' loyalty is indicated by an intention to perform a diverse set of behaviors that signal a motivation to maintain a relationship with focal firm, including allocating a higher share of the category wallet to the specific service provider, engaging in positive word-of -mouth, and repeat purchasing" (Sirohi et al., 1998; Zeithaml et al., 1996, cited in Orth and Green, 2009 p.5).
Good evaluation of service quality from customers can have a good impact on customers' intentions to shop again in the same store, which leads to positive word-of-mouth. (Lu and Seock, 2008) In other words, the higher a customer is satisfied with a store, the more loyal the customer will be to the store. (Orth and Green, 2009)

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