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Introduction and Review of Literature 介绍和文献
近期海归创业者一直是一个热门的话题,鉴于越来越多的中国学生出国留学,而且越来越多的他们决定他们的学习/工作/火车后返回自己的祖国。此外,中国政府正在鼓励“群众创业”,并提供了许多优惠的政策,也是为了创造一个适合和容易谁想要开始自己的创业人的环境中建立多个孵化器和科学园区在全国各地,创业富民,创新,创造力和企业家精神的新引擎未来的经济增长为中国。因此,海归创业者,这里被定义为生活在发达国家的列车,工作或学习的目的,并已返回自己的国家经过数年的业务经验和或国外教育创建一个新的合资公司技术人员,应有大致相同的问题。文献显示,海归创业者创造的技术型企业表现出更好的性能,在创新方面,与当地企业家拥有的企业相比,由于跨境人口流动的,特殊的人力资本和社会资本的他们从海外获得的经验(刘等,2009; Filatotchev等,2010)。这些研究主要使用定量的研究方法,并主要集中在海归创业者的背景和特点,以及它们如何影响公司的业绩,他们在高科技创建行业在中国。然而,很少有人知道该怎么办海归创业者不断地利用自己的人力资本,他们已经创造了新的企业后,比如,他们怎么招募新的管理团队成员和其他雇员,以及如何做人力资本这些海归创业者之后获得他们创建了新的合资企业将影响企业在其他行业的表现,例如,教育产业。因此,要弥补这些差距,需要一个定性研究更深的了解海归企业家的行为,开发人力资本和如何人力资本影响新企业的性能方面。Returnee entrepreneur has been a hot topic recently, given the fact that more and more Chinese students are studying abroad, and more and more of them decide to return to their home country after their study/work/train. Moreover, the Chinese government is now encouraging “mass entrepreneurship”, and provides many preferential policies and also building many incubators and sciences parks all over the country in order to create an environment that is suitable and easier for anybodywho wants to start their own venture, making innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship the new engine for the future economic growth for China. However, the traditionalChinese education system does not encourage an “entrepreneurial mindset”, since it pays more attention to compliance and academic excellence instead of risk taking, creativity or deviation—the necessary elements of entrepreneurship (Zhao, 2015). Therefore, returnee entrepreneurs, here defined as skilled personnel that have lived in a developed country for the purpose of train, work or study and have returned to their home country to create a new venture after several years of business experience and or education abroad, should have less of the same problem. Literaturesshow that the technology-based firms created by returnee entrepreneurs showed better performancein terms of innovation,compared with the firms owned by local entrepreneurs, because of the cross-border human mobility, special human capital and social capital they gained from their oversea experiences (Liu et al, 2009.; Filatotchev et al, 2010).These studies mainly used a quantitative research approach, and focused on the background and characters of the returnee entrepreneurs and how they affect the performance of the firms they created in high-technology industries in China. However,very little is known about how do returnee entrepreneurs continually exploit their human capital after they have created their new ventures, for instance, how do they recruit new management team members and other employees, and howdoes the human capital these returnee entrepreneurs gain after they created their new venture affects the performance of the firms in other industries, for example, the education industry. Therefore, to fill these gaps, a qualitative research is needed to deeperunderstand the behaviors of the returnee entrepreneurs in terms of exploitinghuman capital and how does the human capital affect the performance of the new venture. (责任编辑:anne)

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