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Defining Phonology定义音韵
据罗杰森 - 雷维尔(2011年:2),音韵学手段和语音学“的一个特定的语言中有意义的音效模式,如中国或英语学习”是指“讲话的科学描述跨语言的声音,无关的特定语言“音韵的零件部分包括声音(辅音和元音),重音,连接语音和语调(同上)。有24个辅音和英式英语中20个元音。皮革(1999)所指出的,这是比较困难的学生能够准确发音的元音比辅音;然而,辅音似乎比在可懂而言元音更重要。
这是不容易得到的应力的定义,和应力与“突出,强调或重音”(罗杰森-雷维尔,2011:137)。 Cruttenden(2008:235)显示,压力是口音,可以为“音节或从其余脱颖而出的说是重音,接收重音单词的音节。”对于压力的​​位置来解释,它是有中英文发音有些讲究布局规则真实的;但是,这些规则似乎太复杂,学习者难以掌握得淋漓尽致。根据罗杰森-雷维尔(2011)中,有四个方面可以确定应力放置:第一是看如果词是简单或复杂或化合物;排名第二的是一个词的语法范畴;第三是在一个字音节数;排名第四的是音节的语音结构。
According to Rogerson-Revell (2011: 2), phonology means “the study of meaningful sound patterns within a particular language, such as Chinese or English” and phonetics refers to “the scientific description of speech sounds across languages, unrelated to a specific language.” The components parts of phonology include sounds (consonants and vowels), stress, connected speech and intonation (ibid.). In the following, sounds, stress and intonation would be mainly talked about, and connected speech may not be discussed due to the limitation of word count.
There are 24 consonants and 20 vowels in British English. As Leather (1999) points out, it is more difficult for the learner to pronounce vowels accurately than that of consonants; however, consonants seem to be more important than vowels in terms of intelligibility. 
It is not easy to give the definition of stress, and stress is related to “prominence, emphasis or accent” (Rogerson-Revell, 2011: 137). Cruttenden (2008: 235) demonstrates that stress is accent which can be explained as “the syllable or syllables of a word which stand out from the remainder are said to be accented, to receive the accent.” With regard to stress placement, it is true that there are some stress placement rules in English pronunciation; however, the rules seem to be so complicated that the learner can hardly master thoroughly. According to Rogerson-Revell (2011), there are four aspects that can determine stress placement: number one is to see if the word is simple or complex or compound; number two is the grammatical category of a word; number three is the number of syllables in a word; number four is the phonological structure of the syllables.(责任编辑:anne)

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