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Literature Review范文:出游动机领域的文献综述(2)

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Based on a literature review on travel motivation, seven approaches of motivation study were identified. The utilization of different terminologies was also discussed
Dunn Ross and Iso-Ahola 1991
Motivation of sightseeing tourists in relation to their satisfaction
Mansfeld 1992
The role of motivation in travel behavior and its complex nature
Paul 1992
Travel motivation of Canadian ecotourists
Parrinello 1993
Relationship between anticipation and motivation in postindustrial societies in the context of Western Europe
Fodness 1994
A measurement scale was developed for leisure travel with 20 items.
Lieux, weaver; and McCleary 1994
Benefit segmentation of senior tourists from the United States
Gnoth 1997
Development of theoretical model on motivation and expectation formation
Formica and Uysal 1998
Benefit segmentation of visitors to a cultural-historical event in Italy
Ryan and Glendon 1998
The Leisure Motivation Scale was applied to tourism with British holidaymakers. An abbreviated version of holiday motivation scale with 14 items was developed.
Waller and Lea 1998
Relationship between authenticity seeking and enjoyment. The knowledge dimension of motivation was found to mediate this relationship.
Clift and Forrest 1999
The motivation of gay men in relation to the type of destinations they preferred in the context of the United Kingdom
Qu and Ping 1999
Motivation of cruise selection in the context of Hong Kong
Goossens 2000
The role of emotional component of travel motivation in stimulating actual travel behavior
Fleischer and Pizam 2002
Relationship between motivation and Israeli senior travelers’ income and health
Kozak 2002
Differences of motivation among tourists visiting different destinations and tourist from different countries visiting same destination with respondents from the United Kingdom and Germany
Sirakaya, Uysal, and Yoshioka 2003

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