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Literature Review范文:出游动机领域的文献综述(3)

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Benefits segmentation of Japanese tourists to Turkey
Lau and McKercher
Differences of travel motivation between first-time and repeat visitors to Hong Kong
Kim and Prideaux 2005
A cross-cultural analysis on travel motivation to South Korea among five national tourist groups
Pearce and Lee 2005
Further development of the Travel Career Ladder by introducing Travel Career Pattern (TCP). The relationship between previous experience and motivation was explored by TCP.
Yoon and Uysal 2005
Causal relationship between push-pull motivations, satisfaction, and destination loyalty. Pull factors were found to negatively influence satisfaction.
Jang and Wu 2006
Influences of sociodemographic factors, economic status, health status, and positive and negative effects on travel motivation among Taiwanese seniors
Chang, wall, and Chu 2006
Benefits segmentation using the novelty seeking scale in the context of Taiwanese tourists to aboriginal attractions
Nicolau and Mas 2006
Influences of travel distance and price on destination selection, with travel motivation as a moderator in the context of Spain
Poria, Reichel, and Biran 2006
Relationship between perception of heritage as it is related to the tourists’ own heritage and motivation explored before the trip
Snerpenger et al. 2006
Tourists and recreationist were comparing using Iso-Ahola’s motivation theory. The relationship between motivation and previous vacations was investigated.
Swanson and Horridge 2006
Causal relationship between souvenir shopping and four motivational factors in the context of Southwestern United States
Beh and Bruyere 2007
Benefits segmentation in the context of Kenya
Hsu, Cai, and Wong 2007
A theoretical model of senior travel motivation in the context of China
Maoz 2007
Travel motivation of Israeli backpackers, investigated in relation to national and cultural characteristics
Luo and Deng 2008
Relationship between environmental attitude and nature-based tourism motivation
Rittichainuwat 2008(责任编辑:BUG)

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