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At the beginning, it reviews the characteristics of Mary Kay's marketing strategy, including direct sales and concerns of women entrepreneurs; then it reviews Mary Kay’s marketing strategies (except direct marketing strategy and concerns of women entrepreneurs) in other countries, including in India, according to the characteristics of less competence of direct selling of cosmetics companies, it enhances salesman’s demonstrations for cosmetics; in line with much competence in the high-end cosmetics in South Korea, it positions its products in the mid-range cosmetics and enhances the stimulation for sales personnel, etc., followed by the characteristics of Chinese culture, including that the Chinese people emphasize more on relationship, a successful business in China is inseparable from relationship. Finally, it points out, no matter direct marketing strategy or concerns of women entrepreneurs, Mary Kay's marketing strategy in China should focus on how to build strong relationships.

Researches on Mary Kay’s marketing strategies
1. Direct selling ethics at the top: An industry audit and status report
Lawrence B Chonko; Thomas R Wotruba; Terry W Loe
Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management
英国论文网Mary Kay Cosmetics is an example of direct selling firms. Salespeople in direct selling organizations are considered independent contractors versus being employees of the company. Such independence might suggest that organizations would have less control or impact on the ethics of the sales force. Therefore, associational and organizational directives that have positive effects on the ethical environment of direct sellers could be seen as a greater accomplishment than in other organizations or industries with a more captivated sales force.
2. The Empire of Direct Sales and the Making of Thai Entrepreneurs
Critique of Anthropology 1999; 19; 401
Ara Wilson
Mary Kay, this entrepreneur enthusiasm partakes of women’s empowerment discourse, for example, ‘offering the tools of opportunity especially to women from all walks of life’ (Tupperware, 1998).
3. Coming Home Again: The Challenges and Rewards of Home-Based Self-Employment
Journal of Family Issues 2003; 24; 513
Debra L. Berke Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded in 1964 by Mary Kay Ash and her son Richard Rogers. Mary Kay’s overriding objective was “to establish a company that would give unlimited opportunity to women” (Ash, 1984, p. xviii).
4. Mary Kay Management
Ara Wilson
Critique of Anthropology, Dec 1999; 19: 401 - 422
Motivation in Direct Sales
Mary Kay provides prizes to consultants based on the increase in their sales, as well as recognizes its consultants for their progress in recruiting new consultants (Case). Sales people have common needs: the feeling that they control their destinies, flexibility to balance professional and personal lives, and recognition and praise (Hahn, 2007).(责任编辑:BUG)

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