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MBA Essay:美国和德国的汽车工业危机(5)

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Furthermore, a noticeable production reduction is perceptible from the global perspective. In 2008 the decline was estimated to be 3.7%, while in 2009 it became unbearable reaching the level of 13.5%.
Despite the fact that others were failing, in the other side were those who became more intense. Primarily displacing and later defeating US, China has been doing well. An increase of 48.3% through 2009 was result due to the specialization on producing more efficient vehicles, costless labour force and stabile credit capacity. In contrary, US and German automotive industry were more specialised on producing SUV`s vehicles and the transformation process should be backed with additional investments.
Consequently the cut of production has in turn affected dramatically employment. The US vehicle industry employs 880,000 workers or approximately 6.6% of the manufacturing workforce. With the bankruptcy and restructuring of GM - Chrysler, plus the ongoing recession, unemployment became the major problem for both economies.
Statistically speaking, for every one of the millions of Americans directly employed by the auto industry, seven other Americans are indirectly employed by the glass industry, the steel industry, the rail industry, the plastic industry, and many other industries that all rely on the successful and continual creation of cars. This means that any fiscal crisis that impacts the auto industry impacts not only those employed by the auto industry, but seven times as many other workers as well. In year 2008-2009 the US automotive industry experienced the financial crisis. The American industry came to the conclusion that the attack of the financial oligarchy as well as an intense management of the subsidies or tax breaks represented an applicable solution.
Without the governmental rescue package the General Motors could not be helped, on the other side the auto companies were facing increased foreign competition due to public perception of foreign cars� superior quality and pricing. Furthermore, as a result of the oil crisis and the rising popularity of the �green� movement, Americans preferred to buy more environmentally friendly automobiles, which were more readily available abroad.
Even prior to the US financial crisis, Americans perceived US cars to be inferior to foreign cars. This perception was furthered by the media, which told Americans that American cars were less reliable, and of lower quality. This led to increased demand for foreign cars, which of necessity, led to a decrease in domestic car sales. Chrysler was forced politically to undergo a merger with the Italian carmaker Fiat as a prerequisite to receiving any additional government aid.
On the other side of our comparison: the German Car Exports had a robust rise of 44% in the first half of the year 2010 thanks to Strong Premium Market Recovery. The accelerated increase was aided by the low base level recorded in the first half of 2009 and a sustained recovery in the global premium passenger car market spearheaded by extremely strong growth in China.(责任编辑:BUG)

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