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MBA Essay:苹果品牌战略研究

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苹果公司是美国的一家高科技公司。该公司成立于1976,致力于电子产品、计算机软件、在线服务和个人电脑的设计、开发和销售。自诞生以来,苹果的发展并不总是一帆风顺的。1985,由于苹果公司此前未能推出产品,当时的首席执行官乔布斯离开了苹果公司。由于年复一年的生意不佳,苹果的市场份额从20%下降到5%。1997后,乔布斯回到苹果并推出了一系列成功的产品,包括推出iPod、iTunes付费音乐下载平台,以及后来的iMac iPhone、iPad等产品。这些成功的产品使苹果在世界排名前9名。苹果的成功不仅与它的优秀产品有关,而且与它独特的品牌管理策略息息相关。世界最大的品牌咨询公司IsBrand在2017发布了世界上最有价值的品牌排行榜。凭借1兆8420亿美元的品牌价值,苹果排名第一,而今年是苹果连续五年蝉联宝座的榜单,这说明苹果的品牌战略是多么成功,研究苹果的品牌战略是一件非常有价值的事情。本文首先回顾了品牌管理策略的理论,然后根据这些理论对苹果的品牌战略进行分析,对苹果品牌战略的不足提出建议。
1.0 Background information of Apple 苹果的背景信息
Apple Inc. is a high-tech company in the United States. It was founded in 1976 and it is committed to the design, development and sales of electronic products, computer software, online services and personal computers (Arruda-Filho and Lennon, 2011). Apple has not always been smooth in its development since its birth. In 1985 due to Apple's previous failure of launching products, Jobs, who was its CEO at that time, left Apple. In 1993, due to poor business year after year, Apple's market share has dropped from 20% to 5% (Lazonick, Mazzucato and Tulum, 2013; Kubilay, 2015). After 1997, Jobs returned to Apple and launched a series of successful products, including the introduction of iPod, the iTunes paid music download platform, and later imac iphone, ipad and other products. These successful products let Apple rank No. 9 in the World Top 500 list in 2016 (Filieri and Lin, 2017;Kubilay, 2015). Apple's great success is not only related to its excellent products, but also closely related to its special brand management strategy. The world's largest brand consulting firm named Interbrand released the world's most valuable brand list in 2017. With 1842 billion US dollars in the value of the brand, Apple ranked first (Interbrand, 2017), and this year is Apple's reelection of the throne for five consecutive years in this list, which shows how successful Apple's brand strategy is, study on Apple's brand strategy is a very valuable thing. This essay first of all reviews the theory of brand management strategy, and then according to these theories to analyze Apple's brand strategy to make recommendations on Apple's brand strategy about its deficiencies.

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