MBA Essay:领导素质,依靠五原则的行为

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本文阐述了詹姆斯·库泽斯和Barry Posner提出的领导原则。领导者的素质按照以下五个原则来描述:领导者挑战过程,领导者激发共同愿景,领导者让他人行动,领导者塑造榜样,领导者鼓励心灵。道德行为与社会认同的简要描述。
Abstract 摘要
This paper explains the leadership principles that are proposed by "James Kouzes and Barry Posner". The leadership qualities were described as per the five principles followed: Leaders challenge the process, Leaders inspire a shared vision, Leaders enable others to act, Leaders model the way, Leaders encourage the heart. The ethical behavior and social identity are briefly described.
Keywords:Ethical behavior, Social identity
Leadership Qualities That Rely on Five Principle Actions
The five actionable qualities are main roles that leaders should acquire given by the author. Leader's plays an important role in the company who leads the team and assign the tasks to team members per their skills or department. He/she should take the responsibility of the team members. The influential roles that a leader should obtain are given below.
We are going to discuss about the five principles that are required for a leader. In this discussion, I'm giving real time examples to describe how each principle can be effected on real world situation.
Leadership Challenge the Process
"Inspiring innovation and leading change call for more than process- they require the adoption of a cultural mindset" (as cited in Forbes by Mike Myatt). The leader should challenge the foundation if the vision and core values are shaky. Challenging the promise keeps the leader sustainable and deliverable. For example, if the leader is not able to communicate with team members and not able to complete the product as promised to given time, you may be in the trouble. The leader should challenge himself instead of challenging others. Great leaders challenge all the complex things. The leader must assess the information quality gathered and must be credibility in the process.
Leaders Inspire a Shared Vision
"If they [employees] can't see themselves in the picture, then they can't imagine that it's a possibility for them." (as cited in Forbes by Carmine Gallo). The leaders must have a clear and perfect vision before inspiring others. For example, the professional athletics visualize the game before the game starts from beginning to end, they focus on gaining the victory.#p#分页标题#e#
Invite your team members to explore their ideas or thoughts and opinions to be more than a pay check. "Nothing extraordinary ever happened without a leader articulating a vision, a course of action" says "John F. Kennedy". Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Che Guevara inspire us by being themselves as great speakers who were followed by the public opinion and share their vision to the world.
Leaders Enable Others to Act
"Leaders who Enable Others to Act spread their influence far beyond their physical sphere" (says Jody R. Rogers). The leader cannot survive without his/her teammates or colleagues. The leader need to take an advantage of opportunities of team to decode their challenges. Leader should take a responsibility of sharing each other ideas or thoughts to implement new products. The leader should have skills or knowledge on what the team are discussing about and meet their expectations. For example, if a team has a different thought that solves the current problem, the leader doesn't take a chance of referring the problem with the team, the leader may lose the opportunity to get a perfect solution.
Leaders Model the Way
"Leaders live and act by their values. They have clarity in what they believe, and they align their actions with their values". Leaders must set an example by setting the actions with shared values.For example, a car dealer who dominates his market. He is not only the one, the next four car dealers combine and equal up the market where he competes. The leaders must lead a path to next generation by giving a motivation. He/She must be excepting the ideas and thoughts of the team.
Leaders Encourage the Heart
"Leaders give heart by visibly recognizing people's contributions to the common vision" (by Kouzes & Posner, 2012). The leader must recognize contributions by giving respect for individual excellence. Leaders follow their heart and encourage the thoughts and get them into the world. They should take the responsibility of the team and give them the requirements and space needed.
Conclusion 结论
I conclude that the five principles that are proposed by "James Kouzes and Barry Posner" plays an important role in the leadership challenge process. The leaders must follow the principles that are mentioned in the discussion. I have given a brief description of each and every principle in the paper.

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