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Based on the behavioral finance study the interaction between consumer confidence and Shenzhen stock market returns, it is found that the consumer confidence index and stock market returns have a strong correlation (using co-integration analysis, error correction model, Granger causality test, Principal Component Analysis), the results show that the consumer confidence index can predict stock market returns partly.基于行为金融学的研究消费者信心之间的交互和深圳股票市场的回报,这是发现,消费者信心指数和股票市场回报有很强的关联(使用协整分析、误差修正模型、格兰杰因果检验、主成分分析),结果表明,消费者信心指数部分可以预测股市的回报。

This paper discusses the results of previous studies based on the consolidation of the  China's consumer confidence index, Shenzhen stock market index with two basic variables simultaneously as research, Shenzhen stock market index contains many, such as the number of head office, the total market value, market capitalization, earnings, total turnover, to study variables using monthly data and study interval mapping from May 2001 to June 2014. By using correlation test, Granger causality test, contemporaneous correlation, as well as other research methods are summarized, and ultimately not only draw a strong correlation between changes in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange related index within the Chinese consumer confidence index, and consumer confidence index has good predictive forward the conclusions drawn on the stock market declining, the correlation of consumer confidence index with stock index was stronger than the stock market rise, when more consumer confidence index has a reference value and significance of the conclusions.论述了以前的研究结果的基础上,整合的中国消费者信心指数、深圳股票市场指数与两个基本变量同时研究,深圳股市指数包含很多,比如总部的数量,总市值,市值、收入,总营业额,研究变量使用月度数据和研究区间映射从2001年5月到2001年6月。格兰杰因果关系检验,通过使用相关测试的相关性,以及其他研究方法进行了总结,并最终不仅画出很强的相关性之间的深圳证券交易所相关指数的变化在中国消费者信心指数和消费者信心指数具有良好的预测提出了结论股市下滑,消费者信心指数与股票指数的相关性强于股市上升,当更多的消费者信心指数的参考价值和意义的结论。

英国苏塞克斯大学国际金融论文摘要的注意事项The university of Sussex in England international financial papers in this paper, the matters needing attention

In principle, all in written notice above apply to the English abstract, but English has its own way of expression, language habits, should pay special attention to when writing English abstract. 原则上,以上中文摘要编写的注意事项都适用于英文摘要,但英语有其自己的表达方式、语言习惯,在撰写英文摘要时应特别注意。  
(1) the English abstract of tenses. The use of tenses in English also is better to concise, commonly used present tense, the past tense, use less when completed, the past is finished now, tense and other composite tense basic need not.
(2) the English abstract of voice. An article in a very short, as far as possible don't mix voice, more not to mix in a sentence. Now claims that make use of the verb in the active voice more and more, because of the help text clear, concise and powerful expression.
(3)英文摘要的人称。原来摘要的首句多用第三人称This paper...等开头,现在倾向于用原形动词开头,如: To describe..., To investigate..., Tostudy...等,行文时最好不用第一人称,以方便文摘刊物的编辑刊用。
(3) the English abstract said. The first sentence of the original use third person This paper... The beginning, such as base now tend To use a verb, such as: To describe... , To investigate... Tostudy... Had better not the first person, such as writing, to facilitate the editor of a journal of abstract reproduced.




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