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dissertation Research Methodologies

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Research Methodologies

4.1 Introduction

The current market situation is volatile and ever changing .The current market demands date information about customers, competitors, dealers, suppliers and other external factors play a vital role in the company are relevant for the day by day activities of the company and require proper control for the well being of the company. For planning, decision making, and implementation of the plans managers need information which they collect through methods, such as being with the customers and observing them and also interacting with them directly. Income of an individual is the most powerful factor for a company .As income grows consumers become more powerful and selective in certain things .The organisation need better information about those customers who are selective in order to achieve competitive advantage.

This chapter explains the various research methods that have been undertaken in order to satisfy the objectives of the research. The chapter provides an overview of different research philosophies and designs its purpose, primary and secondary data and the methods of collecting that data. Justification is also given to the data collection for the purpose of this research work.

4.2 Quantitative Research

This research approach transforms observations, reports and recordings into numerical data and quantifiable numbers. Later the data can be analysed for making comparisons and correlations to get the results. When it comes into statistics it tends to be easier to control if we have large numbers. So the quantitative research comprises large scale research containing large numbers and quantities and its analysis to relate various factors each other (Bergstr?m & Sk?rfstad. 2004). Quantitative research is used to measure how many people feel, think or act in a particular way. These surveys tend to include large samples - anything from 50 to any number of interviews. Structured questionnaires are usually used incorporating mainly closed questions - questions with set responses. There are various customs used for collecting quantitative information but the most common are on-street or telephone interviews. In this research quantitative method has been used in order to collect the data.

4.3 Qualitative Research

This approach concentrates on words as the main mode of analysis, and it tends to distinguish things “in context” and explain how things are linked together. This shows the increased involvement of the researcher in qualitative approach. (Denscombe,1998) The qualitative approach is often referred to analysis, aimed to receive detailed information for the current and future use. (Yin, 2003). Focus groups, in-depth interviews, content analysis, ethnography, evaluationand semiotics are among the many formal approaches that are used, but qualitative research also involves the analysis of any unstructured material, including customer feedback forms, reports or media clips.(责任编辑:BUG)

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