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Justifications For The Interview Technique
The research methodology used rationale and justifications behind using the methodology are discussed in this chapter. This chapter explains the justifications for the interview technique that was utilised, and the reasoning's for the questions in the survey questionnaire used in the project. The sampling process and interview content, as well as highlighting how the data that was collected was subsequently analysed are also discussed in this chapter.
重新讨论研究的目的-Revisiting the Purpose of the Research
At this point it may be pertinent to revisit the purpose and objective of our study i.e. understanding the influence of cultural diversity on working groups, current styles of management -its effectiveness, and exploring if there is a better way of managing diversity for future. The central research questions discussed in the previous two chapters are hoped to throw some light and point us in the right direction for finding a suitable elucidation to our purpose.
To address the question of how far is the culture of the organization evolved through the changes, the organization culture as perceived by the various groups has to be established. The factors that influence the culture, and the ways in which the internal diversity group interplays are to be clearly delineated. The management of cultural diversity at a group level, its impact on working culture are also to be understood in a greater detail. Decoding the management style which can be the most effective in context of culturally diverse working groups, would mean developing a comprehensive understanding of the competencies needed for managing diversity.(责任编辑:cinq)

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