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As a literature review has been introduced in Chapter 2, thus the main purpose of this chapter is todescribe the research methodology adopted in this business report, including collecting data anddesigning the feasible strategies through analysing the materials and statistics. The main researchaim of this report is to help the company design an expansion plan based on the current situationand developmental trend in the industry.

This should be completed on the basis of obtainingeffective data and information, establishing an accurate framework of the issue being studied.The data and information about the company firstly were derived from the organization supervisorand its internal documents. In the first place, some electronic and hard-copy documents had beensent by the supervisor Tony Lloyd. These files included the previous Business Plan 2012-2015, ‘Whowe are and what we do’ introductive file, Liverpool Compact Budget Forecasts 2014-15, StrategyMap, Annual Report & Signed Accounts 2013 as well as a summary document of company’s issuespublished on traditional and social media.

After reading these documents, a general framework ofthe organization had been established through main functions of ADHD Foundation, currentoperation method and goals and objectives in the near future.Moreover, more significant details were obtained via informal meetings with CEO Tony Lloyd,including analysis of current organizational condition, reviewing organizational documents relatingto business plan, statement of financial request---they need more funders and explanation of futuremarketing expansion strategies across the UK.(责任编辑:anne)

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