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留学生论文写作指导DATA AND METHODOLOGY范文:马来西亚外国直接投资流入的决定因素
The determinant of FDI inflows in Malaysia
本文的目的是探讨在马来西亚和其他东盟+ 3个国家的外国直接投资流入的决定因素。东盟+3国包括马来西亚、新加坡、泰国、印度尼西亚、越南、中国、韩国和印度。然而,文莱和东盟的新联合成员,老挝和柬埔寨由于数据的限制不包括在此,并没有太多的外国直接投资在这些国家。之所以选择这些国家,是因为各国吸引外国直接投资流入的国家的表现和国家有哪些可以用来作为例子,以吸引外国直接投资在马来西亚的优势。因此,通过选择这些国家,它是希望外国直接投资的决定因素的差异可以被高亮显示。这些国家的外国直接投资流动的数据可以从UNCTAD和东盟秘书处获得。
为了进行这项研究,面板数据的方法将被使用。这是因为面板数据包括时间序列数据和横截面数据。普通最小二乘法是最好的做法,看到的结果。本文的研究重点将从每年1990到2008个周期,分为两个时间框架是从1999 - 2008年。分离的基本原理是在经济危机之前和之后,研究东盟国家之间的外国直接投资流动的趋势和模式。从研究中,它是希望外国直接投资外国直接投资对这些国家的决定因素的差异可以被确定。
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the determinant of FDI inflows in Malaysia and other ASEAN+3 countries. ASEAN+3 countries consist of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Korea and India. However, Brunei and newly joint member of ASEAN which are Laos and Cambodia are not included due to limitation of data and not much FDI in these countries. The reason for choosing these countries is because of the countries performance in attracting FDI inflows to the countries and advantages that the countries have which can be used as example in order to attract FDI in Malaysia. Therefore, by choosing these countries it is hope that the differences in determinants of FDI can be highlighted. Data of FDI flows for these countries can be obtained from UNCTAD and ASEAN Secretariat.
In order to carry out this study, panel data approach will be used. This is because panel data consist of times series data and cross sectional data. Ordinary Least Square method is the best practices to see the results. This study will focus for a period from the year 1990 to 2008 and separated into two time frames which are from 1990-1998 and 1999 - 2008. The rationale of the separation is to examine the trends and patterns of FDI flows among ASEAN countries before and after the economic crisis. From the studies it is hope that the differences in determinants of FDI to these countries can be identified.(责任编辑:BUG)

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