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关系信息流程与技术在客户关系管理中的作用 (留学论文methodology范文参考)

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关系信息流程与技术在客户关系管理中的作用 (留学论文methodology范文参考)
The Role of Relational Information Process and Technology on Customer Relationship Management
Table of Contents
Chapter 3: Methodology
3.1 Research type
3.2 Data Type and Research Period
3.3 Hypothesis Development
3.4 Theoretical Framework
3.4.1 Conceptual Definition and Operational Definition
3.4.2 Theoretical Justification
3.5 Information gathering and Sampling Procedure
3.5.1 Survey Design
3.5.2 Population, Working Population and Planned Survey
3.5.3 Sample size Consideration
3.5.4 Choice of Sampling techniques
3.5.5 Instrumentation
3.5.6 Field work and Respondent Profile
3.6 Regression Model
Chapter 3: Methodology
3.1 Research type
Primary research was conducted to gather first hand information through questionnaire. Research approach was deductive since data has been collected for the research process and a theory has been developed as a result of data analysis.
3.2 Data Type and Research Period
This study has never been conducted in Pakistan, thus primary information was collected through questionnaires. Quantitative analytical techniques were then used to draw interference from this data regarding existing customer relationships. The collection of information was done in a standardized form from samples of known populations to create quantifiable data with regard to number of variables.
The research period for this research was from September 2014 to April 2015.
3.3 Hypothesis Development
: Customer Relationship Orientation and Relational Information Process has a positive significant impact on Customer Relationship performance.
Customer Relationship orientation and Relational information process is about the significance of creating a relationship of the company and its customers in regards to how well they know the company, are hey satisfied with services. (Friend and Jhonson, 2014)
: Customer Centric Management and Relational Information Process has a positive significant impact on Customer Relationship performance.(责任编辑:BUG)

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