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management dissertation proposal范文-对领导风格与公司绩效的分析

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management dissertation proposal范文

尼日利亚的银行领域亲眼目睹了这二十多年以来发生的巨大变化。这会帮助公众们对这些银行重拾信心,这些银行的操作都是由中央银行直接监管的,这也起着对经济管理的作用。在2012年,尼日利亚的中央银行回顾了一下尼日利亚银行的业务,知道需要加强银行的资本,这要求大多数的银行都将他们的资本提高到250亿元。(内维尔和劳伦斯 2008)这对于银行来说是个困难,并且会影响银行排名和文件的一些并购。这也减少了尼日利亚的经济银行的运营数量由89下降到25,这25家银行被认为是有融合非洲经济的大型银行。
Analysing Leadership Styles and Company Performance
Leadership is a strong tool that can enhance the survival of a company or facilities its failure. The leadership style and decision making process of many giant banks in Nigeria has created a space for questioning in this current year. The Nigerian banking sector forms a strong part of the Nigerian financial sector.
The Nigerian banking sector has witnessed a lot of changes over the past 20 years and this has helped to restore public confidence in these banks. The operation of these banks is supervised by the Apex bank, which is saddled with the supervisory and regulatory role within the economy.The central bank of Nigeria in 2002, reviewed the operations of Nigerian banks and saw a need to strengthen these banks and as such requested these banks to recapitalise, this required most banks to raise their capital bases to NGN25 billion(Neville and Laurence, 2008). This was deemed as a difficult feat for the banks and as such effected a few mergers and acquisitions within the rank and files of the banks. This reduced the number of banks operating within the Nigeria economy from 89 to 25 (Abdullahi, n.d.). These 25 surviving banks were regarded as mega banks within the African economy.
Over the past few years, there have been changes in the overall operations of the banks that operate within the Nigerian economy and this has been closely monitored by the Central Bank of Nigeria (The Apex Bank) to ensure that banking operations are strictly adhered/comply to. In the past 10 years, there have been variations in the performance of the banks within the Nigerian economy, despite the recapitalisation of the banks. Some banks have performed incredibly well, while others have not. The recent audit of the Nigerian bank further revealed many flaws of some banks and their unhealthy state.(责任编辑:BUG)

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