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relationship management research proposal

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Proposed Working Title


Does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) build stronger bonds with the customers and help provide quality services in a doctor's surgery at Camden? ---- A case study of NHS

Research Background and Context

I have chosen this topic in order to find out what are the key issues that are important for successfully running a doctor's surgery. We have been seeing that there are always patient dissatisfaction and complain about the services, both clinical and non-clinical.


The hypotheses that will be tested in this research are as follows:

1. To analyze what aspects of CRM strategies are missing in running this doctor's surgery.

2. To identify what benefits can be attained by completely implementing CRM at PPCC

3. To what extent the employees are playing their role according to CRM strategies.

4. To look in various models, strategies, theories and methods that can be used to make the services effective at doctor's surgery.

Organisation Background – Partnership Primary Care Centre (PPCC)

The Surgery has been established in 1973 for the people who are living in the housing. It was named Fairweather House Surgery. Initially it had 250 patients from the housing. Dr. Morris Davies was founder General Practitioner (GP). In 1976, Dr. Diane Rosenthal, Dr. Jonathan Rosenthal, Dr. Enid Greenbury and Dr. Wil Cupola took over from Dr. Morris Davies and this Surgery was under Camden and Islington Primary Care Trust (PCT). In 1976 Camden and Islington PCT allocated more patients and gave a practice boundary that is a catchment area. In 1976, GP's appointed a practice nurse who used to do child immunisation, dressing, and cervical smear.

In 1988 Dr. Wil Cupola left the surgery and Dr. Ian Hopkinson joined the surgery as a partner and there were 8 sessions of doctors and 5 sessions of nurses. GP's decided to register more patients and in 2003 total registered patients were 1900.

It was difficult to offer more services from the small premise, so GP's had several meeting with the PCT to move to a bigger building. During this time, Camden and Islington PCT divided into two and this surgery came under Islington PCT who decided to move the Surgery in a bigger premises. Meanwhile, one of the local GP died and another GP went for retirement.

In 1st October of 2003, Fairweather House Surgery shifted to newly built premises and named the surgery as Partnership Primary Care Centre (PPCC). After moving to this new premise, there are now 16 consulting session of doctors, 10 nurses session and 5 health care assistant sessions. Now the total registered patient is 3300 and growing everyday.(责任编辑:BUG)

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