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Demand is defined as the number of consumers who have expressed the desire for a particular product and are willing to pay the price attached to that product which may be a good or a service. Demand can exist in different forms and derived demand is one of them. It refers to the demand of a product arising from the changes in another related product which could be in form of price, quality, design, and quantity among other attributes of the product.Lextant serves clients that are operating in a very competitive business environment and have come up with a business strategy that focuses on the consumers who are the end users of the products. The company specializes in research design for its clients that include proctor and gamble, Pepsi co, Motorola, good year, whirlpool, hard rock café and Microsoft among others. The company does not therefore deal directly in a good but provide research services that are very vital to its clients in dealing with its customers and their provision of services.
As the name of the company suggest, lexicon means language or vocabulary therefore every business they do is done in the interest of the customers and the end users and this is clearly in line with type of business they do which is derived demand and their work depends on what the customers desire and not necessarily what the business strategy says. They are therefore customer focused in their business. The company therefore strives to translate the name to real actions by conducting market research and consumers' surveys with a view of providing information that is relevant in enabling their clients to understand the consumer interests, their behavior, likes, dislikes, motivating factors, their economic status, the different classes of consumers, their feed back about already existing products and services among other information. Their clients on the other hand use this information to provide goods and services that matches the above stated consumer expectations. As stated earlier the current business has become quite competitive and there is a scramble for customers and therefore marketers have to find ways of retaining existing customers as well as acquiring new ones and this can only be done through meeting their demands in terms of goods and services and creating value for their expenditures. Therefore the demand for the service provided by Lextant comes from the customers that their clients serve and not directly from the clients. In the same vein the work they do have an influence on the goods and services that their clients offer as the information they provide must be factored in the production processes of these companies.(责任编辑:cxj)

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