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1.1. Problem statement 问题陈述
The problem statement is defined as:
“The lack of sufficient organisational support for an integrated talent management ‘framework’ to attract and acquire, develop, and optimise and retain talent.”
Talent management has a negative impact on the organisation if not managed effectively. The following consequences can emerge where there is an in-effective management of talent. In-effective management of talent can result in giving rise to the followings problems in an organisation:
Poor succession planning: - such can cause an organisation to suffer in terms of business continuity.
High financial cost: - due to talent departure which can have both direct and indirect costs.
Impact organisation sustainability: - such happens in organisations where critical skills are essential for success of the organisation.
Increased litigations: - organisations can spend significant amounts of time and resources addressing the issues of disgruntled employees.
Productivity losses and workflow interruptions: - contributing to financial losses.
Service quality: - this can impact CRM and customer service levels.
Loss of expertise: - knowledge gets lost in the industries or organisations which may take time to replace.
Loss of business opportunities: - poor management of talent can compromise competitive advantage.
Disruption of social and communication network: - poor management of talent can disrupt teamwork and productive patterns.
Morale of employees: - the disruptive nature of poor management of talent can affect morale of employees who are overwhelmed by workload and instability in the workplace.
Brand Image of the organisation: - poor management of talent creates a negative image of the organisation.
These factors can all have negative consequences which affect an organisations performance in maintaining a market leadership position, stakeholder support and market share.(责任编辑:BUG)

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