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Recession and its Impacts on Sales in Saudi Arabia - a proposal
Introduction 简介
Economic growth in any part of the world is dire need of the state in order to provide better lifestyle to its people. Decline in economic growth affects each and every aspect of human lifestyle. Recessions are also used to affect the lifestyle of the people. Recession is basically decline in the economic activity of the country which can lead towards lower level of GDP for two consecutive or more quarters of the year. Recession increases the unemployment rate in the area. Wage rate becomes stagnant and lower level of sales is one of the characteristics of the recession. Recession stays for shorter period of time and leaves a milder impact on the economic system of the country as compared to the depression. Normally recessions are considered important part of the economy (Business Dictionary.com).
Recession affects the entire economy especially large businesses. Due to recession, profit margin of the corporations gets lowered and as a result they stop hiring new blood for their business. In turn, unemployment rate increases in the country. Corporations cut down the cost of new equipment for their working which means that entire economic cycle gets affected by the recession. Recession persists for two or more quarters of the year so; it can affect the stock’s price of the corporation.
Economic growth and state of the market affect the level of sales in any area. Recession has a direct impact on the employment rate and wages in the area so it affects the sales rate as well. More durable and long lasting goods sales are used to decrease in the case of recession. While in the case of goods of daily use sales are used to remain same and do not get change because of the recession. For instance, when grocery sales rate of the Finland was studied by the researchers it has been found that sales rate dropped at the start but later on sales rate revived again which means that on FMCGs recession used to have less impact (Ahtokari, 2011).(责任编辑:BUG)

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