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Dissertation Proposal范文:中介角色或员工绩效

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This study focuses the three key attributes which build the organizational culture to generate sustainable competitive edge in market. Prior research findings support that some firms have these attributes in their organizational culture; therefore cultures based on these attributes can be source of competitive advantage. Firms those don't have these attributes, performance of their employees might be effected adversely or ultimately these organizations are unable to achieve sustained competitive advantage.
Academic researchers and professional researchers' shown interest in corporate culture and organizational performance from since last four decades. Organizational culture is considered as rich research area many researchers already made their contribution, but there is still no acceptable causal relationship among organizational culture and financial performance. Eventhough there is still no clear depiction, how organizational culture have an effect on employee performance and organiztinoal performance. Due to these contradictory matter, the research question arises, whether organizational culture worsens or imporve the employee performance is being undertaken in this study.
Review the cultural circumstances being faced by the organization.
To highlight the apparent causes leading to cultural impact inside and outside of the organization.
To evaluate the various techniques and methodologies being adopted by the organizations to manage employees performance.
To highlight the problems and discrepancies in the strategies utilized by the organizations for the purpose of managing work performance.
In order to achieve these objectives, these research questions has been asked;
Does the organizational culture have impact on organizational performance?
Does the organizational culture impact on job performance?
Whether organizational culture facilitate organizational performance for the accomplishment of sustainable competitive advantage?(责任编辑:BUG)

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