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Proposed title: Will customized service be popular in the future fashion market in China? 
Introduction 简介
Like I said in my personal statement, I want to start my own fashion business which is personalized clothing brand. I want to see if this is workable in China and the reason for it. Furthermore, in the era of globalizationit is important to have a unique perspective on fashion marketing. According to a report on Bof, indicates that Chinese consumers still drive 33 % of global purchases, while we still lack domestic brands which can be influential or representative of both local or international market. Therefore, how to build a fashion brand with the solid foundation in China also is one of my research targets. 
Abstract 摘要
 Firstly, I will discuss the development of the personalized product in the past history and expand the theory might be happening in the future. Take advantages of big data and technology to predict the possibility of this marketing trend. By summary the strength of this concept to prove the feasibility. In addition, I will structure a questionnaire survey for my target customers. And conduct to a theory which can underpin my strategy.
Then I will analyze the existing succeeded cases in both China and other brands all over the world. To study and research how they adjust their marketing strategy over the time, branding themselves and the key to triumph. Meantime, I also need to figure out the reasons of failure cases in China by analyzing fashion market and the crucial issues that happened to the brand. 
 Thirdly, I will propose what kind of problems that might occur in future by sourcing the data and collect the report and news from WWD, BOF, Forbes, etc. what’s more, I want to interview professionals who work in the related field and ask about their opinions and experiences. 
Last but not the least, how to avoid and solve the problems is also need to think about it. Then, compare and analyze the strength and weakness of my theory to get the final result.(责任编辑:quanlei_cai)

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