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Sociology Annotated Bibliography范文

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Bakan, J. (2004) 《公司:病态追求利润和权力》纽约:自由出版社。从简短的分析来说,作者提出:现在的公司是追求自身利益的实体,不是用任意一种方式关心他人的公司。他给我们提供了一个关于公司怎么形成和怎么后来发展起来以及他们刚刚占据领导地位的总结。他也指出公司有这么大的影响的原因,其在于他们集中注意力于提高他们的权力和利润。用他的话来总结,Bakan声明,他并不同意公司记住公民利益的观点。还不如说,如果公司的个人利益成功地成为了公众利益的影响因素,他们就会参与于公共利益。这本书被高度推荐给那些想要了解清楚公司的实质是什么的人。
Moin A. Yahya (2007)《对Bakan的<公司>的书评》(pp. 1 -13) 来自加拿大艾伯塔大学。作者相信这是一本挑衅人的书。
Sociology Annotated Bibliography
Bakan, J. (2004). The corporation: The pathological pursuit of profit and power. New York:Free Press.In a brief analysis the author argues that modern corporation is a self interested entity that is unable to show genuine concern of others in any manner.He also provides a summary of how corporations came into being and how the later developed a dominant position thatthey are currently in. He also argues thatthe main reasonwhy corporations have much influence is because they focus on enhancing the power and profits. In his conclusion, Bakan states that he does not agree with the perception that corporation keep the interest of the citizens in mind; rather they act in the public interest if the personal interests of the corporation managers are factored in. This book is highly recommended for people who want to a grasp of what a corporation really is.
Moin A. Yahya (2007) A book review of Joel Bakan’s The Corporation . (pp. 1 -13) University of Alberta.  Canada. The author believes that this is a provocative book.  Moin A.  Yahya claims that this book portrays a corporation as a vehicle where good women and men use to harm the society. This is due to the fact that a corporation is created and protected by the law. Moin A. Yahya agrees with what Bakan says in the book when he parades the various evils that the corporation commits. This includes low wages, oppressing the masses, many corporate crimes and environmentaldamage. However, Moin A. Yahya does not agree with the reforms that Bakan proposes that will enable the balance of power between the corporations and the people. She asserts that corporation has immense power and can not relinquish it no matter the cost. The interest of the corporation manager overrides the interest of the public. In this article, Moin A. Yahya clearly analyses the arguments brought forward by Bakan and agrees with the central argument that corporations have sidestepped their main responsibility of looking out for the interest of the public and have focused on their own. This article explains the arguments that Bakan brings forth in his book.
Scott Robarts : Review of The Corporation, by Joel Bakan Author:— Published: Apr 07, 2005. Retrived fromhttp://blogcritics.org/books/article/review-of-the-corporation-by-joel/
In his review, Scott Robarts believes that Joel Bakan provide a clear understanding of what a corporation really is. He describes a corporation as irresponsible, reckless, remorseless and grandiose. Scott Robarts does not make the assumption that all the corporations are bad but, the organizational structure makes it them psychopath. He agrees with Bakan’s argument that people in a corporation only serve the interests of the shareholders by increase their profits and share value. Things like social responsibility are just but secondary concerns. Scott Robarts points out different stories that were used by Bakan to give support to his arguments. The story of the Founder of the Body Shop, Anita Roddick who did not want to change his business model but it later had to because of the pressure from the shareholdersin a bid to expand it into a corporation. This is an indication the altruistic goals of the founder ultimately succumbedto the will of the cooperation in a bid it make profits and increase market share. In his article, Scott Robarts positively criticizes the book by Bakanby applauding how he has given a holistic approach towards corporations . This article expounds further on the examples discussed by Bakan and provides more relevant examples in the contemporary society.
Ferguson Mathew (2009) The Corporation by Joel Bakan Book Review: Get ready For Anger. (pp. 45-56) University of Oxford . Chicago. In his article, Mathew Ferguson shares the same sentiments as Joel Bakan that the sole reason for a corporation is to relentlessly pursue their own self interest regardless of any harmful consequence to the general public. He believes that no case against a corporation be it corruption or discrimination will never succeed as they have the support from the government.  Mathew Ferguson agrees that Bakan wrote this book with a lot of rage because he did not like how the corporations are operating. Bakan claims that Corporations commit crimes but never face justice. In his article, Mathew Fergusonresonates he ideas put forth by Bakan in the questfor this corporation to be held accountable of each and every action they undertake.(责任编辑:BUG)

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