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Vancouver Citation Style
The Vancouver Style is the citation style used by most biomedical journals and many scientific journals. It came out of a meeting of medical journal editors in 1978, held in Vancouver, BC, and is maintained by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). It is also known as the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.The Dental Hygiene program at Vancouver Community College uses Vancouver Style in all assessment tasks. All sources used should be properly referenced according to the following guidelines. Proper citations are a reflection of your professionalism and respect for other scholars and practitioners. Failure to do so is plagiarism and is a serious academic offense.
Note: The Dental Hygiene program requires additional pieces of informationwhen citing resources:
1.Include the page number(s) as part of the in-text citation for direct quotes and ideas. This is not always required with Vancouver Style.
2.Where called for in Dental Hygiene assessment task directions, include the direct link to any article accessed through an online
database, not just the name of the database. You will need to find a “permanent link” for the article. Consult the “Help” files for the database or contact the librarians.
3.Short URLs (also referred to as ‘tiny’) are recommended – see page 4.
Additional Resources on the Vancouver Style
For the complete guide to the Vancouver Style, please consult this online book:
Citing Medicine, 2nd ed.
This book provides very detailed examples for almost any type and variation of resource: conference papers, wikis, journal articles with a supplement, etc.
Remember that the Dental Hygiene department uses a modified version of Vancouver Style, and that you will need to provide working links to any online material cited.
URM Sample References at:
Using Vancouver Style
Vancouver Style uses in-text citations and a Reference List at the end of your document.
?Citations within the text of your paper are identified with a number in round brackets.(责任编辑:anne)

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