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Crime Young People And The Law Case Study
在最新的麦克斯的审判盗窃问题(关于数码相机等)发生的事件中,麦克斯格林豪泰恳求无罪,,为什么?根据附表2003刑事司法法案3,一个少年罪行,一个即将成人的10到17岁的青少年,将在青年法院开庭。 麦克斯格林豪泰归类为15岁的少年,然而他的罪行尚未完全,因此青年法院审判不会开始。
如果一个少年被指控与一个成年人出现在治安法庭时,以通常的方式来办案。 裁判官必须决定是否应该将这两名被告一起放在一起,或在法庭上处理青年法庭的少年。成年人将确定整个审判过程中的司法管辖权,直至将案件提交给青年法院。
法院将从哪些因素考虑是否给予保释麦克斯格林豪泰,即使他需要等待审判? 在上述事实,得出你对这个问题的回答,说明你对他是否会被保释的考虑,并且说明为什么。
1976年保释法案适用于青少年。1976保释法案强调批准或拒绝保释的标准。 总有一个罪犯有权保释的假设。然而也有一些例外。法院必须根据第44条规定,考虑儿童和年轻人的行为(2]
In the event Max Greentree pleads not guilty, where will max's trial of the latest theft matter (concerning the digital camera, etc.) take place and why? Under schedule 3 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, an Offence committed solely by a Juvenile, a Juvenile being a young adult aged 10-17, will commence in the Youth Court. Max Greentree is categorised as a Juvenile because he is of the age of 15, however the crime has not been solely committed by him therefore his trial would not commence in the Youth Court.
If a Juvenile is charged jointly with an adult the case inaugurates in the Magistrates Court the usual way. The magistrates then will have to decide if the two defendants should be kept together or if the adult should be dealt with in Magistrate's Court and the young person in the Youth Court. The adult will determine jurisdiction throughout the trial process until sentencing where the case MAY be remitted to the Youth Court.
"Where a youth offender is jointly charged with an adult, the charge shall be heard in the adult magistrates court: Section 46 (1) CYPA 1933." [1] 
What factors will the court take in consideration when considering whether to grant bail to Max Greentree whilst awaiting trial? On the facts stated above, conclude your answer to this question by indicating whether you consider he will be granted bail and why.(责任编辑:cinq)

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