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Case study Becoming an Educator
如果你认为自己具备了决心、知识、创造力、多任务的品质,那么恭喜你拥有一个老师的品质。 这篇文章将为任何希望开始一个教育职业生涯的人提供大量的信息。你会发现什么是真正的教学,什么是教师,如何成为一名教师,甚至这个工作对你的需要。 高中老师是一个非常苛刻的职业,但是,它也是非常有益的。
学习历史和背景的教学有很多。 根据新美国韦伯斯特字典教师的定义是“在学校教书的人,”。 他们也定义了“教”,“1.传授知识或实践技能;教育;指导。2.传授知识的课程“。教学已经存在了许多个世纪。甚至古希腊的时候就有老师。 在《知识之书》中,他们指出,“在古希腊,年轻人聚集在哲学家的周围,他们的思想启发了年轻人,他们将在那里学习”教师不总是被视为重要。在殖民时期的教学被视为一个暂时的位置。他们不想知道,并相信现在选择的这份工作。 在美国革命之前,教师们没有宣誓他们在英国的官方工作是什么,但这很快就改变了。学校没有很好的装备,学生也不会参加。”教师的离职率非常高,这导致了教师低的地位”,在19世纪,公立学校成立。虽然老师的工资和地位还低,但国家领导人觉得认为人们需要做出好的决策,因此学校是重要的。学校的重要性在1800年增长。
If you think that you possess qualities such as determination, knowledge, creativity, multitasking and more, then congratulations you hold the qualities of a teacher. This essay will provide you with plenty of information, for anyone looking to start a career in education. You will find what teaching really is, what a teacher does, how to become a teacher and even where this job will take you. Being a high school teacher is a very demanding career however, it is also very rewarding.
There is so much to learn from the history and background of teaching. According to The New American Webster Dictionary (1972) a teacher is defined as "one who teaches, esp. in a school" (p. 407). They also define teach as followed, "1. Impart Knowledge or practical skill to; educate; instruct. 2. impart knowledge of given lesson" (p. 407). Teaching has been around for many centuries. There were even teachers back during ancient Greece. In the Book of Knowledge (2008) they stated, "In ancient Greece, young men gathered around philosophers whose ideas inspired them, and they would learn of there ways" (p. 38). Teachers were not always viewed as being important. Back during the colonial period teaching was viewed as a temporary position. They were not expected to know much, and were chosen for the job by what they believed in. Before the American Revolution teachers did not take an oath to what state they work in but to the crown of England, that was soon changed. Schools were not well equipped and students wouldn't attend often. "The turnover rate for teachers were exceedingly high, and that contributed to keeping the status of teachers low" (Edelfelt & Reiman, 2004, p. 5). During the 19th century public schools were formed. Although teacher's salaries and status was still low the founder's of the country felt as thought people needed to be able to make good decisions therefore school was important. Belief in the importance of schools increased in the 1800's. (责任编辑:cinq)

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