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留学生case study范文:对日托中心的关注

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留学生case study范文对日托中心的关注
服务用户是一位85岁的女士。 她是来自英国的基督徒,是说英语的白人。 该服务用户患有糖尿病和青光眼,右眼白内障。在某段时间里她还患上了痴呆症。该服务用户独自生活在她的家中,但有一个小狗陪伴。 在个人家庭护理服务人员的支持下她能够照顾好自己。 她还接受服务日托中心的医生和护士的照料,出租车司机会带她去日托中心,有2/3的社会工人已经分配给她。她很容易摔倒,因为害怕摔倒和伤害自己,她离开了自己的家。她也担心迷糊,失去平衡,跌倒在家里,尤其是在洗澡的时候。她没有任何朋友和与社会接触有限。然而,她有一个报警挂件,和一个电话,她可以在紧急情况下使用。但她有语言障碍,使她与人交流困难。
该服务用户患有痴呆症,这变得更糟。 她不止一次指出,护理人员偷了她的钱,她的她的邻居一直在威胁她,说有人一直在敲她的门,给她打电话。 有一段时间她甚至说她的社工已经威胁要送她进监狱,如果她没有了给她的钱。 她还走到街上,尖叫着,哭喊着寻求帮助。 她用电话向日托中心多次询问她的出租车的到来,需要不断的安慰来安抚她低落的情绪。
This case study concerns a Day Care Centers whom I came to know and deal with during my placement at a day care centre for people who were more than 50 years of age.
The service user is an 85 year old lady. She is Christian, white, a British national and speaks English. The service user suffers from diabetes and glaucoma and has developed cataract in the right eye. She has also been suffering from dementia for some time. The service user lives alone in her home but has a small dog for company. She takes care of herself with the support of personal home care attendants. She also uses the services of the day care centre, doctors and nurses, the taxi driver who takes her to the day care centre, and the 2/3 social workers who have been assigned to her. She is prone to falls and has given up leaving her house because of apprehensions about falling and injuring herself. She is also apprehensive about getting dizzy, losing her balance, and falling in the house, especially in the shower. She does not have any friends and has limited contact with the community. She however does have a pendant alarm, which she can use during emergencies, and a telephone. She is however dysphasic, which disturbs her communication with people.
The service user suffers from dementia, which is getting worse. She has on more than one occasion stated that her carers have stolen her money, her neighbours keep on threatening her, and that somebody keeps on knocking on her door and phoning her. At one time she even stated that her social worker had threatened to send her to prison if she did not hand over the money that was with her. She has also come out on the streets, screaming and crying for help. She used to phone the day care centre repeatedly to enquire about the arrival of her taxi and needed constant reassurance during her low moods.(责任编辑:cinq)

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