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Case Study怎么写|Case Study写作技巧指导

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Case Study怎么写|Case Study写作技巧指导
在留学生作业论文的写作当中,不同的留学作业有着不一样的写作格式和要求,Case Study就是非常特别的一种,Case Study需要我们在论文的开头就阐述出Conclusion,然后再通过数据和资料阐述观点的正确性,那么Case Study要怎么写呢?下面让我们一起来了解下。
Case Study需要在文章一开始就阐明你的Conclusion,然后再给出得出这个Conclusion的详尽理由和依据;而并不是像其他论文作业中规中矩的写出背景、简介、论证等这样的写作顺序。你的教授关心的更多的是你是如何阐述问题、清晰的分析过程,解决方法的理由以及最后给出的用来实施你的解决方案的计划,总而言之,CASE STUDY写作更重要的是过程而不是结果。截然是过程,那么分析问题就显得尤为重要。下问题的七个步骤,希望对留学生们有用。
Using an organized seven-steps approach in analyzing a case will make the entire process easier and can increase your learning benefits.
1.Read the case thoroughly.
To understand fully what is happening in a case, it is necessary to read the case carefully and thoroughly. You may want to read the case rather quickly the first time to get an overview of the industry, the company, the people, and the situation. Read the case again more slowly, making notes as you go.
2.Define the central issue.
Many cases will involve several issues or problems. Identify the most important problems and separate them from the more trivial issues. After identifying what appears to be a major underlying issue, examine related problems in the functional areas (for example, marketing, finance, personnel, and so on). Functional area problems may help you identify deep-rooted problems that are the responsibility of top management.
3.Define the firm's goals.
Inconsistencies between a firm's goals and its performance may further highlight the problems discovered in step 2. At the very least, identifying the firm's goals will provide a guide for the remaining analysis.
4.Identify the constraints to the problem.
The constraints may limit the solutions available to the firm. Typical constraints include limited finances, lack of additional production capacity, personnel limitations, strong competitors, relationships with suppliers and customers, and so on. Constraints have to be considered when suggesting a solution.
5.Identify all the relevant alternatives.

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