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留学生MBA案例分析格式-Case study of Etisalat

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Case study of Etisalat
阿联酋电信是中东和非洲最大的信息传输机构,总部设在阿联酋。2010年、阿联酋电信每年的净收入和净利润30.831billion AED AED 88亿3600万,比2009年增长5%和16%。阿联酋电信的穆迪评价:Aa2,标准普尔:A+,惠誉评级:+。阿联酋电信是一个完全的信息传输供应商提供一站式的外观和功能固定线路语音和信息部门、企业和全球范围内的信息传输机构,互联网服务供应商,内容供应商和便携式管理员。它提供了一个混合技术免费的政府信息传输业包括管理和专业准备、SIM卡制造、安装结果、结算管理、对等、声音和信息旅行,和潜艇和区域链接管理。阿联酋有一个推动权管理向围观的权利集团在正确的市场在完美的时间的恶名。这已是屡见不鲜,随着便携式,GSM,网络介绍,NGN的改变和灵活的宽带部门到中东、亚洲和非洲。阿联酋电信同样是在中东,真正的中心网站、语音、多功能宽带,显示,在企业信息管理,具有广泛的省和洲际系统。它是中东和非洲全球语音活动的最大承担者,也是世界上第十二大语音载体。阿联酋电信是最大的供应商,批发管理者广泛的地区存在点(POP)在纽约,伦敦,阿姆斯特丹,法兰克福,巴黎和新加坡给人一种积极的全球跨度。阿联酋电信是舒拉亚微信系统的一个重要的投资者,世界的航向卫星地球通信框架的多功能涂层站全球的三分之二。
Introduction 简介
Etisalat is one of the biggest information transfers organizations on the planet and the heading administrator in the Middle East and Africa, headquartered in the UAE. Etisalat works in 18 nations crosswise over Asia, the Middle East and Africa, adjusting in excess of 100m clients out of an aggregate populace of pretty nearly 1.9bn individuals. In 2010, Etisalat reported yearly Net Revenues of AED 30.831billion and Net Profits of AED 8.836 billion denoting a 5% and 16% increment separately, contrasted with 2009. Etisalat is evaluated by Moody's: Aa2, Standard & Poor's: A + and Fitch Ratings: A+. Etisalat is a thorough information transfers supplier offering an one-stop look for versatile and settled line voice and information administrations to people, ventures and worldwide information transfers organizations, Isps, content suppliers and portable administrators. It offers a mixed bag of howdy tech complimentary administrations to the information transfers industry including managerial and specialized preparing, SIM card fabricating, installment results, clearing house administrations, peering, voice and information travel, and submarine and area link administrations. Etisalat has a notoriety for propelling the right administration to the right group of onlookers at the right market at the perfect time. This has been seen over and over, with the presentation of portable, GSM, Internet, NGN altered and versatile broadband administrations into the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Etisalat is likewise the real center in the Middle East, for web, voice, versatile broadband, show, wandering and corporate information administrations, with a broad provincial and intercontinental system. It is the biggest bearer of global voice activity in the Middle East and Africa and the twelfth biggest voice transporter on the planet. Etisalat is the biggest extensive supplier of bearer and wholesale administrations in the area with Points of Presence (Pop) in New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore giving a positively worldwide span. Etisalat has 525 meandering understandings joining 185 nations empowering Blackberry, 3g and voice wandering. Etisalat is a significant speculator in Thuraya, one of the world's heading satellite geo-versatile correspondence frameworks coating more or less two thirds of the planet's surface.(责任编辑:BUG)

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