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英国硕士论文案例分析:英语技术策略案例 EFL technology strategy case

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英语技术策略案例 EFL technology strategy case
Introduction | 1 简介
Globalization and its technological impact on Sri Lanka | 2 全球化及其对斯里兰卡的技术影响
The effects of Globalization are diverse, moving various aspects of the world economy to bring about overall improvement. The IT revolution attached with the rising embrace of free market strategies in the wake of socialism, have led to the unrivaled combination of economies and mixing of cultures around the world.
2.2 Technology and Finance
In Sri Lanka over the past 10 years of time drastically changed the overall technology usage. It has being proved that the number of personal computer holders in the statistics.
Computer own house hold percentage is average 73% in Entire Island which is significant amount increase in rural areas. This is basically due to globalization people are more informative and they cognitively adopted to use the technology. Therefore most of the Srilankan companies tend to use cutting age technologies and trying to uplift their culture values to gain better competitor advantage.
E-marketing, E-promotions (BTL) and online payment methods which allowed venture units to explore more probabilities to reach global opportunities.
In Financial services such as banking industry have embrace with the technology, most of the banks operating in Sri Lanka are competitive with the way they offering services to consumers. The amount of technology manipulators are getting the ultimate competitor advantage whereas others have to step back or adopt technological changes recurrently. With the liberalization has led overseas banks getting entrance to local market and private investors to explore the banking domain. These banks are governed by the same rules and regulations that govern the domestic banks. HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutshe Bank, Citi Bank and Indian Overseas Bank are some of the foreign banks that are operating in Sri Lanka.
With the competition especially in the Urban or Suburban areas government banks had to differentiate their products offer with high technology such as ATM, Internet Banking, Online money transferring and implementing payment gateways as their value additions.
2.2 International Trade and Sales

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