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员工关系个案研究 Case studies in employee relations

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员工关系个案研究 Case studies in employee relations
Employee don’t leave the organization but the leader.
In 2000 , ABC was ranked as top manufacturing company that deals in manufacturing of computers. This technology giant has deep profile of more than 15000 employees who have the potential to give the company a new height.when other companies offer employees an international opportunity for two or three years, ABC gives international assignment to thousand of employees for three to five years.the company offers excellent pay to employees as well as take care of the needs of employees to the full extent, the companie’s revenue was rising at a steady pace with every passing year. Employee feel happy with the organization and do not want to leave the organization even if offered better pay.all was going well suddenly in year 2007 ABC’s sales and profit were declining at an alarming rate and the company started a record net loss of US 6.5 $ billion. Many business analysts opined that ABC needed a change agent and that to with the right leadership style who can save the company from its decline. The company had smart , talented employee with ample winning strategies but it was still a stand still.
There were no technical problems either. All the company needed was someone to lead it and bring it back to action. The company has changed its technology and recruit the best person to lead the team but nothing happens positively .During the same period, that is from 2005- 2007 , the share price of ABC decline by almost 300%. In 2008 company has recruit Lois Boynton as a new head of ABC. Lois played a major role in receiving the fortunes of ABC. He start monitoring the employees regularly. He has even made certain changes in training employees. Employees at the higher level also used to get training.. Lois made significant changes in company’s mission and strategically positioned itself in such a way to suit the need f its clients.From being product centric it changes to customer centric and started providing customized services to the customers. From being the sole manufacturer of computers it started offering complete solution to its clients.ABC image changes from being a company which offered computers to the ones who offered complete solution in hardware, software and other technology.Lois was working well with the company. In 2008 company receive new project the hope of positivity start rising and employees start working. Lois monitors every employee and give instructions to them. Employee used to work on night shift as well to meet the targets. Employees seems to be very much committed in their work as they used to get good salary from their work. They used to utilize their complete potential in achiving the targets. Finally the target was achieved and company earn a good revenue employee become happy as they get good dividend. As the ray of positivity was there some of the talented employees start leaving the company and therefore turnover increases. Although employee used to get good salary and benefits but still they leave the organization. Company was ready to increase their pay and was ready to send them on international assignment but still turnover start increasing at a pace. Company got worried as no solution was seen..(责任编辑:BUG)

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