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BRL Hardy案例分析建议 BRL Hardy Case Analysis Recommendations

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葡萄酒行业被认为是具有高度竞争性的行业,尚未看到一个真正的具有国际品牌的全球化公司。BRL Hardy在这个行业目前的位置,类似于许多其他公司,这一全球体积小供应商和经销商,有一个大的足迹。成为一家国际葡萄酒公司的目标是雄心勃勃的,但可以实现;但是,为了使之成为可能,我们推荐了几项改变。
Christopher Carson在1998年度回顾了尼尔森市场调查,结果显示哈代是大不列颠顶级的葡萄酒品牌,在市场上销售的所有葡萄酒品牌中占据了市场的第二位。它以市场的非交易方式在市场上销售。
卡森先生,BRL Hardy董事总经理感到自豪。
The wine industry is a considered to be highly competitive industry that has yet to see emerge a true global company with an international brand. The position of BRL hardy within this industry is presently, similar to many other companies, that of a small global-volume supplier and distributor that has a large footprint . The goal of becoming an international wine company is ambitious but achievable; however several changes are recommended in order to make this possible.
Introduction 简介
Christopher Carson in year 1998 reviewed the Nielsen market survey and it showed that Hardy was the top Australian wine brand sold in Great Britain and it holds the number two position in the market among all wine brands selling in the market . It sells in the market by the off trade mode in market .
Mr. Carson managing director of BRL Hardy felt proud .
The celebration is not left for long period . In front of Carson there has two files involving major decisions but it have major implications for Hardy overall international strategy:
1. It contains details of the proposed launch , Italian wines developed in collaboration . The team was deeply committed to his work.
2. In this he had to decide two competing proposals .
After seeing these developments Steve Millar managing director of the South Australia based parent company has faced a phase of growth and this lead to BRL Hardy expansion .
Industry Background
It was first introduced into Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 ,leader of the group of convicts and settlers comprised the first fleet of migrants to inhabit the new British colony. The mid nineteenth century provided a boost to youth industry.
In the 25 years , the Australian wine industry has gone through a huge transformation . First demand for fortified wines declined and wines were replanted with table wine varieties .By the mid 1990's eighteen half liters per capita is the domestic consumption .(责任编辑:BUG)

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