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BRL Hardy案例分析建议 BRL Hardy Case Analysis Recommendations(6)

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Creating and maintaining a brand is a difficult task especially in the wine industry. The competition is relatively high and takeover the market is even more difficult especially in Europe. There were more than 12000 producers in Bordeaux alone and apart for a few names like Blue Nun, Mount Cadet etc. there were not many brands known all over the globe. The world's leading wine brand Gallo, accounted for 1% of the world's wine market and the majority of the sales was in the home market. But still the management of BRL Hardy believed that due to the changing market conditions and changes in the consumer behavior the company will be able to achieve a global brand image. To achieve this goal Carson presented a portfolio of eight Italian Sourced wine ranging from 3.49 pounds to 5.99 pounds which will capture lifestyle of Mediterranean and relate strongly with food. For this over 2000 possible brand names were generated and out of that list final name choice was D'istinto meaning "instinctively". The work not end here and to match up with the name and theme of this wine distinctive labels and other packaging designs were made including the idea of free booklet with every bottle so that the customer can write free recopies and this would create a database of the customers to whom future promotions could be mailed. Although due to the prevailing market conditions the success of D'istinto was not 100% sure but the idea of D'istinto and the marketing and branding strategy was much appreciated by everybody including the Australian headquarters. The company not stop here and went on to create brand images for their other line of wine, Banrock Station. It showcased this wine as down-to-earth wine the motto was "Good Earth, Fine Wine".
Distribution Channel
Distribution Channel highlights the journey of the product from it's point of origin to its point of consumption. A distribution channel can have numerous steps according to the nature of the product.
In case of BRL Hardy the distribution channel starts when the farmers sells its harvest to the company and the company sells it to the retailer which in turn is finally sold to the consumer.
Recommendations 建议
BRL Hardy must return to the roots of its strategies which are developed some time ago by Millar and Davies: focuses on the BRL Hardy, or at least develop a single brand, that can command a premium price in the market. This will ensure to reduce the competitive threats. As part of this brand, the history (Australian, over 200 years old) should be used (Australian reduces number of competitors, differentiates from exporters from other countries; 200 years old is a barrier to entry), the environmental and sustainable angle should be pursued (based upon reality of e.g. Banrock Station; another barrier to entry currently). A new brand should be investigated that might add the dimension of fun to the brand image (in the manner of Virgin, for instance). The addition of fun to the brand will enable the younger, affluent segment of the market to be addressed; possibly this segment is not as widely addressed particularly within the markets and in emerging markets (Asia) .This can be done through market research .This determines what product should be taken to market. The question then remains as to how to effect the successful introduction of this wine into the market given BRLHardycurrentsituation.(责任编辑:BUG)

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