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BRL Hardy案例分析建议 BRL Hardy Case Analysis Recommendations(7)

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In order to obtain some advantage from going global, a consistent brand image worldwide is a possible option. Although the industry wisdom says that local responsiveness is needed within the wine market because of the differing cultural and social norms within different countries, addressing the segment of the market will remove the need for local responsiveness; global convergence is adopted more quickly by the younger age segments so market to them. BRL management has already benefit that Hardy already subscribes to the notion of a global brand. However this is not the case with for instance the European division of BRL Hardy. A solution to this issue is to allow the European division to continue to operate somewhat independently, taking high volume low priced wines, without the BRL Hardy brand, to the European market that has capacity for such wines, and use the cash flow to fund the reinvention and introduction of the new BRL Hardy global brand. Time should be taken to perform this internal marketing before launching the new brand.

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