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Pace Leisurewear公司的案例研究 Pace Leisurewear Ltd Case Study

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有效的管理、充足的资金和有能力的人力资源的综合方法,可能导致企业组织朝着实现目标的方向前进。这些元素之间的分裂迟早会导致它自己的灭亡。Pace Leisurewear公司是设计和制造公司,休闲和休闲的衣服,尤其是针对年轻、收入较高的市场。它是由Jill Dempsey和Mike Greaves建立的,分别是公司的总经理和生产经理。
An integrated approach with effective administration, adequate financing and capable human resource may lead a business organisation towards the path of goal attainment. Disintegration among these elements may lead towards its own demise sooner or later. Pace Leisurewear Ltd is a company that designs and manufactures the casual and leisure clothes aimed particularly at the younger, higher-income market. It was established by Jill Dempsey and Mike Greaves, who are the Managing Director and Production Manager of the company respectively.
By observing the case study of this company, we know that the company is in trouble because the letter from the company's bank was asking it for the reduction in the overdraft. This letter from the bank has made them worried because if they can't keep up the overdraft, they will not be able to fulfil the big order by Arena, which was one of the several national chains of casual and sportswear stores that was placing substantial orders with Pace. It shows that they were facing liquidity problem. A general outlook of the case study putting aside the financial statements provides us with some other difficulties that the company was facing.
Trading of the company during the recession period was a problem. Moreover, recession itself was a problem for the company. Though it was a big company, the production director Mike was looking after the financial matters. There was no one within the company who had any great financial expertise. When there was a problem, the company's auditors were normally asked for advice. The company is facing poor cash situation as conveyed by Mike Greaves which might be result of their spending on fixed assets like plant. Declaration of no further investment in the company by the largest shareholder Keeble States also came as a shock to the company when there was a hope that Keeble States would invest money and they would be able to issue overdraft. Also, an indifference of the largest shareholder in the affair of the company can be regarded as a problem. Such indifference directly affects the operation of company that ultimately, has the effect on financial situation of the company.(责任编辑:cinq)

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