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员工发展案例分析 Employee Development Case Study

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Companies of the 21st century have to engage in Employee Development, in order for the organisation to achieve its goals. It has to develop its main core of the company which is the employees which are the assets that drives the company to its goals. Therefore it is important to place employee development in the context of the business strategies.
Employee development includes training and skill development of the employee, an emphasis on the internal advancement of the entry-level or low-skilled workers (Insight 2009). Encouraging employees to acquire new or advanced skills, knowledge and viewpoints by providing learning and training facilities and avenues where new ideas can be applied.
Development is a specific state of growth or advancement. Employee development or career development is an on-going refinement of job mastery and professional development coupled with career planning activities. Job mastery is necessary skills to successfully perform one job. (Guide to Human Managing Resources)
Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study experience or taught. Information is knowledge and knowledge requires learning. In this era of the century, there is a strong emphasis on human capital despite financial and physical assets.
Training means giving new and current employees the skill they need to perform their jobs (Human Resource Management Text Book) Training are able to improve employee's efficiency and motivation leading the organization to gain productivity and job satisfaction.
Chapter Two
Company background
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad ("Dutch Lady Malaysia") the leader in branded quality dairy business in Malaysia. Incorporated in 1963, Dutch Lady was the first milk company in Malaysia to be listed on Bursa Malaysia, the local Stock Exchange in 1968. Its holding company is Royal Friesland Campina, a Dutch multinational corporation and one of the largest milk companies in the world. Permodalan Nasional Berhad is the second largest shareholder in the Company. (Figure 1)(责任编辑:BUG)

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