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变革管理:埃克森美孚案例研究 Change Management: ExxonMobil Case Study

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Change is only permanent feature of our life. Life of individuals and organizations are evolving ever since their creation. Modern companies are in a state of cultural change. From working more or less alone to solving specific tasks, we are now required to work in an interdependent way. Teamwork is vital.
These changes require that we change what we expect from the co workers. We have to change the values we highly believe. Values like awareness, teamwork, tolerance, responsibility and information are paramount - just as flexibility and change readiness.
Team work make in imperative that we develop project team instead of specific tasks. Therefore, our daily lives are becoming project oriented. [Baekdal, Thomas, Change Management Handbook]
What is Change Management?
Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. [Wardale, Dorothy. 4 components of the module; 2009]
The current definition of Change Management includes both organizational change management processes and individual change management models, which together are used to manage the people side of change.
Change Management is be essentially linked to oganisational Change which is "Organisational change is the process by which organizations move from their present state to some desired future state to increase their effectiveness". [Organization Theory, Design, and Change by Gareth R. Jones]
Organisational change may be formally defined as an "Organisation-wide effort to enhance the effectiveness of an Organisation by strengthening, modifying, or replacing the culture, structure, technology, task, and human processes through the application of planned interventions with or without the assistance of external agents". [People Change Management in Power Distribution]
All changes interface with three Organisational components which constitute the Organisational culture. Those three components are:
The historical and political evolution of the company.(责任编辑:cinq)

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