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变革管理:埃克森美孚案例研究 Change Management: ExxonMobil Case Study(10)

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ExxonMobil's nearly only focus on oil and gas has placed it behind competitors like BP and Royal Dutch Shell, which have committed billions of dollars toward the development of low-carbon technologies that they intend to build as new profit centers for their companies.
Climate Change - ExxonMobil's Change Strategy:
A newly published report (Dec. 2008) by ExxonMobil titled "Responding to Environmental Ethics: Moving from Petroleum to Renewable Energy for the 21st Century". As title indicated an organizational shift in environment policy is happening at Exxon Mobile. Exxonmobil admitted link between Oil & Gas and climate change in following words "ExxonMobil's focus on petroleum and gas products, especially those that are combusted to extract energy, has played a key role in promoting climate change through an enhanced greenhouse effect. The combustion of petroleum and gas has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to levels that are rapidly warming the planet, leading to severe consequences for the world economy and most of the Earth's natural features."
Exxonmobil inactiveness in past regarding Global warming is also addressed in said report "ExxonMobil has traditionally been skeptical of climate science. It wasn't until recently that the company decided to accept that climate change is largely attributed to human activity and that something must be done about it"
A perceived Change is envisioned by Exxonmobil. This remarkable change in Exxonmobil's outlook toward climate related issues happened due to following few theoretical Factors,
Environmental Factors:
As discussed earlier in our report, environmental Factors such as clients, competitors and changing technology are basis of any Organizational change. Same is true with Exxonmobil's new Climate Strategy. Exxonmobil moved towards change after realizing that competitors such as BP Inc., Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron are taking lead on climate related issues concerning Oil & Gas Sector. Public awareness vis-à-vis global warming increased significantly over the few years which also contributed toward Exxonmobil's new climate strategy.
Internal Factors:
Internal Factors such managers, top management and shareholders also play a decisive role in this Change strategy. Shareholders worried that competitors' investment in alternative renewable energy may cause lower future growth.
Exxonmobil adopted knowledge as the basic search tool assessing change. Exxonmobil stated in their 2008 report said "In general, the company's goal is to provide energy around the world to improve quality of lives while minimizing environmental impact and supporting communities. Second, the company assesses any issues identified in the first step through information from various sectors, including non-governmental organizations, academia, financial institutions, and employees. Then it develops a list of material areas that the company will focus on based on its analysis. In 2007, these material areas were(责任编辑:cinq)

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