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Introduction: The play is a comedy set in Knoxville, Tennessee. It describes that five different women who refuge in the room of Meredith (the sister of the bride) to escape to be the bridesmaids during the wedding reception. After talking with each other, they, despite the differences between them, find they have more commons with each other. Finally, the five women become friends.
Transitional part: there are many themes in the comedy, such as insecurity, friendship, gluttony, sloth, jealous and greed, lust, anger, and pride. However, I want to mainly talk about the theme of friendship. 
THESIS: After reading the Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, I concluded that the establishment of friendship is based on communication and then commons between people.
I. The characters talk with each sincerely in the wedding.
II. After communication, they find that they have more commons than differences. 
A. All the characters are not willing to appear in the wedding ceremony.
B. None of them are satisfied with their life due to their personalities and personal experiences.
Conclusion: the establishment of friendship is based on communication and commons between people.
An Analysis of the Drama of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
This drama is set in Knoxville, Tennessee where the home of Tracy is located in. At the wedding, five very different women who are invited to be the bridesmaids meet with each other. However, none of them is willing to be the bridesmaids because they all hateto be part of the wedding. During the wedding reception, they find a refuge in the room of Meredith, the bride’s sister. After a while, they begin to drink and talk with each other heart to heart, which makes them get to know each other better and realize that they have more commons with each other than the differences. Consequently, the happy ending is that these five women become friends. (责任编辑:anne)

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