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澳洲留学生法律作业写作需求-Business Law Assignment-Background to the lega

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Business Law Assignment 1 : 20%

Semester 1 2010

Background to the legal system

Distinguish between the various sources of Australian Law, the relationship betweenthem and their applications.



1. This assignment may be completed in pairs.
2. This assignment has 4 questions worth 20% of the final mark for the
3. Each question is marked out of 10 and the total marks will be converted to a mark out of 20. All questions must be answered.
4. As a guide, each question should be a minimum of about 300-500 words.
5. All work must be submitted on time or penalties may apply.
6. The marking schedule (page 3) and an assignment cover sheet must be attached to your completed work.
7. Plagiarism will incur severe disciplinary action.
8. If you receive less than half marks, some or all of your work will need to be resubmitted. If this is the case, then the maximum for the assignment will be half marks.

Please note, this assignment may be completed in pairs. That is, two students may work together and submit one assignment between the two.
Both students’ names must be included on the cover sheet and both will receive the same mark.

Question 1 (case study) (10 marks)

Read the following case study and answer the questions. Remember to use and define legal terms.

Angela runs a take away food shop in Footscray, Melbourne. Justin buys and eats a beef burger from Angela’s shop for lunch. He discovers he has swallowed a cockroach which was in the burger. He gets sick; he cannot go to work and must pay for his medical treatment. He wants Angela to pay for his medical treatment and compensate him for loss of wages. Angela refuses to give Justin any money and she says that she is not responsible for his illness. Hoping to resolve their dispute through discussion and negotiation, Justin goes to see Angela. Angela becomes very angry and stabs Justin in the arm with a knife. He is not seriously hurt but requires medial treatment.

(a) Which branches of law which are involved in this case? Consider public/private/civil/criminal. (1 mark)

The case involves two branches of law, public and private law, civil and criminal law. Concretely speaking, public law, private law and criminal law are involved in this case.

(b) List all the possible wrongs that Angela may have committed. For each wrong:
• identify the branch of law involved;
• outline how each matter could be resolved ; and
• discuss what type of penalty Angela may face (4 marks)

1. Negligence. It is belongs to private law. For resolving the dispute, Justin can choose to plaint Angela in UCAT, and the penalty of her is closing her shop, compensating medical fees and making an apology to Justin.(责任编辑:BUG)

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