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law essay:Discrimination Immigrants Employers

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Discrimination Immigrants Employers
1. Introduction

According to Mathew Bender’s research republished by EECO, one in ten Americans is foreign born, and one in eight is Hispanic. Immigrants compose 12% of the work force, and almost 40% of new jobs are filled by immigrants. These are target groups for this research report paper who are believed to be facing discrimination from employers based on who they look like and where they come from. This paper is intended to provide a brief overview of the effectiveness of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on reducing and or eliminating discrimination based on national origin.

The aims of title VII and facts on current situation will be presented to support the argument. Different types of discrimination by employers that targets national origin will be addressed. The objective is to assess what the performance of the US labor law looks like when it comes to implementing its purpose for which it stands for. Special emphasis will be given to Title VII and its role in enforcing to alleviate discrimination based on national origin. Definitions of discrimination and discrimination based on national origin will be presented. Besides, full version of Title VII and treatment of foreign workers in conjunction with protecting the nation against terrorist attacks will be covered.

The role of EEOC that plays in charges alleging that individuals have been denied equal employment opportunities for reason that are grounded in national origin considerations will be explored. Various forms of discrimination aimed at country of birth or affiliation to some sort of ethnic group will be discussed. The effect of discrimination on employees productivity, the role of HRM in managing discriminatory actions in the work place and methodologies that need to be used by employers in hiring the right employee in accordance with labor laws & laws from
Department of Homeland Security will be given due consideration in this paper.

Complaints of discrimination based on national origin and the effort made by the EEOC to resolve the issue, lawsuits and their final fate, the cost of litigation by employers will be highlighted.
There will be several types of sources used during the course of this discussion. Most of these sources will be policies and procedures of EEOC, peer review journals, essays and articles written by news reporters & various sources searched on the web. Finally, conclusion and remedial solutions will be discussed at the end of the paper.(责任编辑:BUG)

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