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法律系作业:The Litigation Versus Transactional Laws Law Essay

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在法律学校,最难解决的问题之一就是选择一个诉讼还是事务性的法律职业。寻求这个问题的答案,把它作为年轻的法律精英们毕业后的方向和想要踏上的道路的一个选择。 从法律学校毕业后,某些人对他职业生涯发展的实质性方向有一些模糊或高度集中的概念,这是很常见的。不管它的设计是针对一个大型公司中不同部门之间的流动,还是在一个小型的公司,用于一个特定的实践,确定该专业的过程就开始了。真正有压力的是确定职业的方向,是作为一个交易,诉讼,税务,房地产还是知识产权律师。
The Litigation Versus Transactional Laws Law Essay
One of the hardest things to sort out in law school is whether to choose a litigation or transactional career. [1] The question seeks an answer as graduation approaches and a choice needs to be made by the young 'legal eagle' as to which road he would want to tread upon. Upon graduation from law school, it is common to have some vague or otherwise highly focused notion, of the substantive direction one see's his career progressing. Regardless of whether it projects towards a large firm rotating between departments or at a smaller firm earmarked for a specific practice, the process of identifying the specialty pursued begins. There is real pressure to define the career as a transactional, litigation, tax, real estate or intellectual property attorney. [2] 
It is not uncommon to be unaware of the terminologies questioned in this paper. 'Transactional law' refers to the various substantive legal rules that influence or constrain planning, negotiating, and document drafting in connection with business transactions, as well as the "law of the deal" (i.e., the negotiated contracts) produced by the parties to those transactions. [3] Kenneth N. Klee [4] in his paper on TEACHING TRANSACTIONAL LAW [5] defines transactional law as "law focusing primarily on the parties or their professionals in the formation, negotiation, documentation, or consummation of business deals." [6] Transactional lawyers therefore must understand the business, financial, and economic aspects of deals so as to draft workable contracts and disclosure documents, conduct due diligence, or counsel clients on issues that require business savvy as well as knowledge of the law. [7] (责任编辑:charlie)

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