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Survey report May 2007
Employing ex-offenders to capture talent
Employing ex-offenders to capture talent
Foreword 3
Summary of key findings 4
Recruitment of ex-offenders 6
Criminal offences 8
Organisational policies 9
Employers?experiences with ex-offenders 10
Factors considered when recruiting ex-offenders 12
Media benefits 14
英国论文网Corporate social responsibility activities 15
Support available for employers 16
Challenges and implications 18
Background 19
Further reading 20
Acknowledgements 21
Employing ex-offenders to capture talent
Over the last decade the CIPD has undertaken considerable research on the subject of employment and ex-offenders.
As well as producing good practice guidance that supports access to disclosure information provided by the Criminal Records Bureau, a number of reports have been published by the CIPD to raise awareness and improve understanding about the challenges and reasons for employers getting involved. And, in 2002 the first survey of employers?attitudes to employing ex-offenders was published.
Contrary to what was expected, this earlier survey report showed that employers?experiences in employing ex-offenders were far more positive than negative. It showed that employers reported that reoffending when in employment was very rare indeed, underlining the contribution getting a job can make to reducing reoffending.
Emphasing this unexpected earlier finding, our new research provides even stronger evidence to refute negative assumptions about the potential of
ex-offenders to be valued employees.
It also spotlights the willingness of employers to give the employment of ex-offenders more attention than might be expected and identifies ways in which employers themselves would welcome support from public policy provisions to help encourage a greater focus on targeting
ex-offenders as a labour market source.
Against the background of increasing concern about crime and the ineffectiveness of prison as a remedy for reducing reoffending, the CIPD believes that employers have a key role to play and a stakeholder interest in finding ways of contributing to the rehabilitation of offenders. There抯 convincing evidence to show that there are business benefits for including ex-offenders in targeted recruitment programmes, not only to address prevailing skill shortages and problems in filling job vacancies, but regarding issues of corporate social responsibility and working towards the creation and maintenance of inclusive and economically successful communities in which people and businesses can prosper.
Dianah Worman, OBE, Chartered FCIPD
Adviser, Diversity
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(责任编辑:BUG)

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